Cara Membuat Powerpoint Bahasa Inggris

Cara membuat powerpoint bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

Start program -> power point -> new slide -> buat power point

Jawaban 2:

Cara membuatnya menggunakan program pembuat presentasi terkenal seperti Microsoft Power Point, bisa 2003, 2007, 2013 dll.

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Yang punya soal un bahasa inggris sma ipa mau dong,tapi udah sama jawabannya... dibantu yaa :)

Jawaban 1:

Tapi cara uploadnya gimana?

bagaimana cara mengubah kalimat we will come to your party if you invite us ke dalam kalimat conditional sentences type 2 dan type 3

Jawaban 1:

We would come to your party, if you invited us (Conditional Type 2)
We would have came to  your party, if you had invited us (Conditional Type 3)

kalau masi bngung bisa ditanyakan..

Jawaban 2:

Type 2 : we would come to your party if you invited us
type 3 : 

Buat 10 kalimat dengan kosakata berikut; 1. bill

2. complain

3. slip


5. swell

6. replace

7. rate

8. mischief

9. expense

10. miserabel

Jawaban 1:

1. This is an empty bill
2. Many customer complain about their product
3. He slipped into a hole
4. Andy bought a water tap yesterday
5. His debt is getting swell
6. They replace the picture with a poster
7. This hotel gets a high rate
8. His mischief makes me irritated
9. Expense is synonym to cost
10. He is so miserable

Tolong bantu ya. ubahlah kalimat berikut ini menjadi kalimat past tense
1. We drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to find a parking space
2. When we arrive at the restaurant the place is.full
3. The waitress asks us if we have reservations
4. I say, "No, my secretary forgets in make them"
5. The waitress tell us to come back in two hours
6.My client and I slowly walk back to the car
7. Then we see a small grocery store
8. We stop in the grocery store and buy some sandwiches
9. That is better than waiting for two hours

Jawaban 1:

1.We drove around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to find a parking space
2.When we arrived at the restaurant the place was full
3.The waitress asked us if we have reservation
4.I said, " No, my secretary forgets in make them"
5.The waitress told us to come back in two hours
6.My client and I slowly walked back to the car
7.Then we see a small grocery store
8.We stopped in the grocery store and bought some sandwiches
9.That was better than waiting for two hours

Jawaban 2:

Kalau past tense biasanya menggunakan kata kerja kedua^^

Dialog bahasa inggris yang agak panjang tentang expressing love

Jawaban 1:

Me: good morning!
Dad: morning!
Mom: morning too, lovely! Wanna go school without breakfast?
Me: nah! I'm starving, Mom!
Dad: you always did
Mom: kay, here's ur pancake dear
Me: thx mom! I always love ur homemade foods! It's always delicious, right dad?
Dad: of course!
Mom: thx honey
Dad: i think u almost late, dear. Get ur breakfast faster!
Me: sure, dad! I'll finish in no time!
Mom: carefull, dear

Me: Mom, Dad, I gotta go now.
Dad: kay, i love you hun!
Me: love u too, Dad n Mom! Byeee!
Mom: be carefull, love you!

What is happinese ?????

Jawaban 1:

Happiness in korean mean 행복해

Jawaban 2:

Happines artinya kebahagiaan

Which word is closest in meaning to the word "influx" ? a.increase b.migration c.arrival d.occurence

Jawaban 1:

Jawaban saya : a) increase

Jawaban 2:

Menurut ak jwbnny. a. increase

Buatla 1 contoh descriptive text? (tokoh dunia)

Jawaban 1:

Jean Henri Dunant (born May 8, 1828 - died October 30, 1910 at the age of 82 years), which is also known by the name of Henry Dunant, is a Swiss businessman and social activist. When traveling for business in 1859, he witnessed the effects of the Battle of Solferino, a location which today is a part of Italy. Memories and experiences that he wrote in a book entitled A Memory of Solferino (Solferino Memories), which inspired the formation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 1863. The 1864 Geneva Convention was based on Dunant's ideas. In 1901, he received the first Nobel Peace Prize, together with Frédéric Passy.

Jawaban 2:

Jatim ParkFor people in East Java, Jatim Park may have been heard many times as it is one of the famous tourism object in East Java province. Jatim Park offers a recreation place as well as a study center.

Jatim Park is located at Jl. Kartika 2 Batu, East Java. To reach the location is not too difficult because the object is only 2, 5 kilos meters from Batu city. This Jatim Park tourism object is about 22 hectares width.

Visitor can enjoy at least 36 kinds of facilities which can attract them as well as give new knowledge. Just after the pass gate, the visitors will find an interesting view of ‘Galeri Nusantara’ area. This study offering continues to step on ‘Taman Sejarah’ area, which contains of miniature temple in East Java like Sumberawan temple, customhouse of Kiai Hasan Besari Ponorogo and Sumberawan Statue.

The other facility which is able to be enjoyed is ‘Agro Park’ area. It presents crop and rareness fruits, animal diorama which consists of unique animals that have been conserved, and supporting games like bowling, throw ball, scooter disco, etc

Jatim Park is suitable for family and school recreation. The recreation area sites offer precious tour and can used as alternative media of study. 

tentukan main idea, vocabulary, and moral value village, live a widow with her two beautiful daughters, Bawang Merah (Red Onion) and Bawang Putih (White Garlic). Bawang Putih's real father which was also the widows's husband died long ago. Bawang Merah and  Bawang Putih had opposite characters and personalities. Bawang Putih was diligent, kind, honest and humble girl. Meanwhile, Bawang merah was lazy, glamorous, proud and envious girl. Bawang Merah's bad personality was worsened because her mother spoiled her. The widow always gave her everything she wanted. It was Bawang Putih who did all the works in the house. Doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning, essentially all works were carried out by herself. Meanwhile, Bawang Merah and the widow just spent times making themselves up, because when they needed something they could just ask Bawang Putih.  Bawang Putih never complained the bad fate she had to face. She always served her step-mother and sister happily. One day, Bawang Putih was doing her step-mother and sister's laundry. Bawang Putih didn't realize it when a piece of cloth belonged to her mother was washed away by the river. How sad was she, thinking that if the cloth couldn't be found she would be blamed, and it wasn't impossible that she would bu punished and expelled from home. Being afraid that her mother cloth could not be found, Bawang Putih kept looking and walked along the river with its strong current. Every time she saw someone by the river, she always asked him or her about her mother's cloth which was washed away by the river, but everyone didn't know where the cloth was. Eventually Bawang Putih came to a place where the river flowed into a cave. Surprisingly, there was a very old woman in the cave. Bawang Putih  asked the old woman if she knew of the cloth whereabouts. The woman knew where the cloth was, but she made a condition before she handed it to Bawang Putih. The condition was that she had to work assisting the old woman. Bawang Putih was used to working hard so that her work pleased the old woman. It was late afternoon and Bawang Putih was saying goodbye to the old woman. The woman handed the cloth to her. because of her kindness, the old woman offered her a gift of pumpkins. There were two of them, one was larger than the other. Bawang Putih was asked to choose the gift she wanted. She wasn't greedy, there she chose the smaller one. Returning home, the Step-Mother and Bawang Merah were furious because Bawang Putih was late. She told them what happened from the time her mother's cloth was washed away until her encounter with the old woman in the cave. Her step-mother was still furious because she was already late and only brought one small pumkin, so the mother smashed the pumpkin to the ground. "Whack..." and the pumpkin was broken, but it was miraculous that in the pumpkin  there were beautiful golden, jewel, and diamond ornaments. The Widow and Bawang Merah were very schocked. They could get very rich with that much jewelry. But greedy they were, they yelled at Bawang Putih asking why she didn't take the large pumkin instead. In the Widow and Bawang Merah's minds, if the larger pumpkin was taken, they should get much more jewelry.  Fulfilling their greed, Bawang Merah folowed the steps told by Bawang Putih. She wilingly drifted her mother's cloth, walked along the river, asked people and eventually came to the cave where the old woman lived. Unlike Bawang Putih, however, bawang Merah refused the old woman's order to work and She even arrogantly ordered the old woman to give her the larger pumpkin. And so the old woman gave it to Bawang Merah. Bawang Merah happily brought the pumpkin that the old woman gave, while imagining how much jewelry she would get. Returning home, the Widow welcomed her beloved daughter. Not waiting for long, the pumpkin was smashed to the ground, "whack ..." but instead of the jewelry, appeared various terrifying snakes. The Widow and Bawang Merah finally realized what they did all this time was wrong and asked Bawang Putih to forgive them.

Jawaban 1:

Main idea: white union is a nice girl while red union is mean girl
moral: we have to be like white union

Contoh teks eksplanation tentang kejadian yang ada di sekolah.

Jawaban 1:

Social Cultural
At the society Java, the culture centre of ofthen in mention culture Adiluhung. Which difficult and elegen mentioned become are wrong the sign culture centre in society Java. Language krama inggil along with very soft, can’t be pulled, and polite also very in carry hight in environment centre culture Java. 

Royal palace Java become centre care culture in order manner to dress traditional Java. Regulation raw also are at order manner to dress in centre culture Java. At the time to pass, kind Jarik clots with motive of course only may in put by king. All the common people not may to use in order that not seem with king motive cloth also can become direction and rand people who to put on moment they to there in environment royal place.