Ubah Ke Passive Voice, The People Elected John F.Kennedy ?

Ubah ke passive voice, the people elected john F.Kennedy ?

Jawaban 1:

John F.Kennedy was elected by people

Jawaban 2:

John F Kennedy was elected by people

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Bantuin aku dong cari Biografi aknes monica menggunakan Bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

Agnes Monica Muljoto. Born in Jakarta 1 July 1986, known abroad as Agnes Mo. She stared her career in the entertainment industry at the age of six as a child singer. She jobs is singer, actress, dancer, voice actress, and producer.

aku dapt tugas dari guru b.inggris ku disusruh membuat cerita "spoof" dari pngalaman pribadi, tapi aku bingung gimana crtanya. tlg bantu ya

Jawaban 1:

Kamu pasti punya kan pengalaman lucu ,,, kamu tulis aja bhs indonesianya nntik saya coba nerjemahin

Apa bahasa inggrisnya kita harus masak dengan bahan dasar singkong (lampau/past tense/past perfect tense) ?

Jawaban 1:

We have to cook the cassava

buatkan Naskah drama bahasa inggris untuk 7 orang. cewek 4 orang, cwok 3 orang....
tolong :)  bebas, tpi jangan pnjng.panjang

Jawaban 1:

Kiki: Hello,Good Morning all Terusin Aja yah Tema nasjah englus itu yg bagus best friend in my heart

10 contoh kalimat command and request dalam bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

Ini yang ane dapet
Contoh Kalimat:
My mother commanded me to help her.
(Artinya: Ibuku memerintahku untuk membantunya)
The teacher ordered the students to do the exercise.
(Artinya: guru memerintah murid-murid mengerjakan latihan)
I told you to be quiet.
(Artinya: Saya menyuruhmu diam)
He asked me to open the window.
(Artinya: Dia memerintahku untuk membuka jendela)
You must write the lessson.
(Artinya: Kamu harus menulis/ mencatat pelajaran itu)
You must go home now.
(Artinya: Kamu harus pulang sekarang)
This table shall be cleaned.
(Artinya: Meja ini hendaknya dibersihkan)
This book shall be read together.
(Artinya: Buku ini hendaknya dibaca bersama-sama)

Dibantu yaa;-) buat kalimat dengan menggunakan conjuction : -but, -not only....but also, -despite of, -however, -inspite of the fact that, -do although.... masing-masing 5

Jawaban 1:

1. She don't buy a pizza BUT she buy a spaghetti with chile sauce here.
2. I have write this book with my own thinking NOT ONLY that, i also send my book to the book publisher
3. We can use this lotion in our body BUT ALSO in our face, AND its save for all types of skins
4. I'm so happy i can win this writing competition, HOWEVER i won't be made it without your contribution
5. She'll never stop try and try ALTHOUGH she knows it won't be easy for her


Buatlah kalimat dengan kata  1. security
4. emptiness
5. silent

Jawaban 1:

-my job is for the security -the bed is so comfortable -no one will silent,if the teacher is angry -can you full my empitiness heart? -this astonish is not belong to you! Jadikan aku yg terbaik ya!

Jawaban 2:

1. Security: The security was chasing thief 
2. silent: when in the library of all students are expected to be silent 
3. comfertable: life should be made ​​comfortable 
4. emptiness: emptiness makes us hollow 
5.astonish: the situation is very astonish

no one, nobody, nothing etc itu kalo dalam question tag termasuk kalimat positif apa negatif? Question tag nya jadinya positif apa negatif? contohnya dong makasih

Jawaban 1:

Negative, karena no one, no body, nothing terdapat kata 'no' yang berarti tidak

Jawaban 2:

Negatif, positif. 
You don't eat nothing, do you ?

Bisa kasih contoh dialog speculating?

Jawaban 1:

Let's look at some examples of bad SF/fantasy dialog. I made these up, but you can have fun and sharpen your "ear" for dialog by finding similar examples. You sometimes can find problematic dialog in professionally published work, but you're most likely to find it in e-zines that don't pay their authors. If you're in a writers' group, look for problem dialog in the drafts submitted for critique. And, of course, take a hard look at the dialog in your own work! Kneeling Elk dismounted. "I am being honored greeting you," he said in his native tongue. "You have been sitting many long time?" I was glad I'd lived with his people and had learned the language. In his native tongue, which our narrator claims to understand well, Kneeling Elk is undoubtedly more fluent than he appears here. Fortunately, English is a flexible language that can, even in translation, capture cultural nuances. Thus, the fact that Kneeling Elk is "honored" rather than "pleased" or "happy" or just, like, "Hey, man! Whassup?" tells us something. We have another opportunity with "many long time." "Many moons" and "many turnings of the sun" are clichéd, but let's say our characters are meeting next to a stream in the autumn. Then, to give us a sense of how his culture perceives the passage of time, we might have him say, "Have you seen many leaves float past?" Or a different cultural clue would be given by, "Have you had to eat alone?" Brzzzt crawled closer. I could feel her carrion-laced breath on my face. "Zzz zzzzz zz z z z zzzzzzz!" She wanted me to follow her. If this is all that Brzzzt says in this story, the Z approach may be okay. In a humorous story, it may even add something. However, if Brzzzt is a talkative giant fly, do we really want to read through lines of Zs followed by echoes in English? Brzzzt buzzes -- just tell me that she buzzes, or have us hear a buzzing fly-to-fly conversation going on in the background somewhere. Then give the rest to me in translation. Altheor knelt at Princess O'Sopretty's feet and touched his lips to the silver embroidery on the hem of her green silk gown. "Would that I deservéd but the merest whisper of thine sweet breath upon mine ear." She leaned forward, cupped his unshaven chin in her dainty palm, and lifted his face towards hers. "Nay, lady!" He sprang back. "Your lips do tempt mine, but my lips may not have such commerce as they desireth, for at the feast tonight, your father did serve of the garlic most abundantly, and my breath be most foul." It's not unusual for authors attempting high fantasy to put high-falutin' words in their characters' mouths, in the mistaken notion that such dialog will impart a majesty to their characters and setting. "But Tolkien does it!" True: J.R.R. Tolkien does use such language, sparingly, when regal characters are in the most formal or grave of circumstances. And Tolkien had a background in linguistics and knew what he was doing. As a rule, don't try to write in the English of the Bible or of Shakespeare unless you can write it to that standard. And even then, don't overdo it. 

Jawaban 2:

Are we experiencing a rise in speculative design projects that occur outside client relationships? What is the role of speculation in funding design projects in New York? Isn’t every design project speculative by nature? Why is engagement in speculative projects the only standing taboo within graphic design?
Event is in the 10th floor loft. Refreshments will be served in the lobby immediately following the discussion.

Mimi Chun
Design Director, General Assembly

Natasha Chandani
Co-author, “Thanks for the View, Mr Mies”

Gary Chou
General Manager,
Union Square Ventures Network
Faculty, SVA Interaction Design

Glen Cummings
Principal, MTWTF

Jack Henrie Fisher
Designer, Faculty at Parsons / New School
Former researcher, Jan Van Eyck Academie

John Kudos
Designer and Speculator, Studio Kudos

How many morpheme ? explain it?

Jawaban 1:

Morpheme dibagi menjadi 2 : free morpheme dan bound morpheme.
free morpheme : kata yang dapat berdiri sendiri dan berpotensi membentuk kata.
bound morpheme : merupakan morpheme yang tidak dapat berdiri sendiri, tidak berpotensi membentuk kata namun berpotensi membentuk imbuhan.