Tolong Bantuannya, Jelaskan Pengertian Spoof Text Dan Contohnya, Trmksh

Tolong bantuannya, jelaskan pengertian spoof text dan contohnya, trmksh

Jawaban 1:

Spoof Text, Penjelasan + Contoh Lengkap- Pernahkah kalian melihat salah satu program komedi, Seketsa? Pastinya kalian tidak asing kan. Jalan cerita di Seketsa itu lah yang dinamakanSpoof Text. Awal cerita dimulai dengan adegan atau kejadian yang biasa kemudian menjelang akhir ada adegan atau kejadian yang tidak dikira yang membuat cerita tersebut lucu.

Untuk melengkapi penjelasan mengenai Jenis Teks Bahasa Inggris (Types of Text), pada kesempatan kali ini penulis hadirkan penjelasan dan contoh Spoof Text lengkap.

A. Pengertian Spoof Text

Selain Narrative Text, Recount Text, dan Anecdote Text, Spoof Text juga termasuk ke dalam golongan Narration (lihat Jenis Teks Bahasa Inggris, Types of Text), yang tentunya menceritakan kejadian di masa lampau dengan akhir yang lucu dan tidak disangka-sangka.

B. Tujuan Komunikatif Spoof Text

Tentunya semua jenis teks yang tergolong Narration memiliki tujuan komunikatif yang sama, begitu juga pada Spoof Text, yaitu untuk menghibur pembaca atau pendengar dari cerita yang dibacakan.

C. Struktur Kebahasaan Spoof Text

Terdapat tiga jenis struktur kebahasaan yang dimiliki oleh Spoof Text, yaitu:

1. Orientation

Seperti halnya jenis teks Narration yang lain, selalu diawali dengan orientation. Orientationadalah bagian di mana penulis memulai memperkenalkan cerita.

2. Events

Sedangkan pada bagian Events yaitu bagian di mana penulis menceritakan kejadian-kejadian dalam cerita tersebut tetapi kejadian yang diceritakan masih kejadian yang wajar.

3. Twist 

Dan bagian dari Spoof Text yang terakhir adalah Twist. Twist merupakan bagian teks yang mana menceritakan kebalikan dari kejadian-kejadian wajar di bagian Events. Twistmerupakan bagian akhir dari Spoof Text yang menceritakan kejadian akhir lucu dan tidak disangka-sangka sebelumnya. 

D. Ciri Kebahasaan Spoof Text

Terdapat beberapa ciri kebahasaan Spoof Text yang bisa membedakan dengan Jenis Teks Bahasa Inggris (Types of Text) yang lainnya, yaitu:

1. Menggunakan Past Tense; was, were, did, etc.

2. Menggunakan kata kerja aksi (action verb); did, went, walked, etc.

3. Menggunakan kata keterangan waktu dan kata keterangan tempat.

4. Diceritakan secara kronologis.

Jawaban 2:

Spoof text adalah jenis teks yang menceritakan kejadian masa lalu yang lucu dan terjadinya tidak terprediksi.
contohnya cerita tentang hal konyol yang kamu alami seperti terpeleset di depan umum, dsb

Pertanyaan Terkait

Apa pengertian dari direction text ? tolong ya , aku search gak nemu-nemu niih

Jawaban 1:

Text yg menunjukkkan arah kali
direction kan arah/tujuan

There care many reasons for keeping dogs as Pete in the city area, but many peo- ple feel that keeping pet dogs should not be allowed In the city. Dogs are often not taken care properly. They are kept in small backyards and rarely taken for walks. They are left in the yard all day by themselves while the family rune work. Very little attention is given to the dog and it is not a very good life for it. It is no wonder why these dogs bark and disturb the neighbours and become a nuisance to the community.    On the other hand, not all people treat their dogs this may and why should the peo- ple receive a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from dog's stifle'? Dogs can make a lonely person's life happy or make wonderful play- mate. It can also teach a child responsibility as they not only Potts lay with the dog, but also need to exercise, feed, and care for the dog.    I feel that we should be allowed to keep dogs in the city, because ills is taken care of properly, dogs can be a great source of pleasure. As a child / used to enjoy playing and taking care of my pet. There is not greater loyalty a nelson can get than from a well-caned dog.  1. Some people do not like the presence of pet dogs In their surroundings because ....  
(A) the dogs are left in the yards 
(B) the dogs are often neglected
(C) the dogs often bark and disturb the neighbours
(D) the dogs play with the owner's child
(E) the dogs guard the security of the enyit onrnent 

2. The main idea of the last paragraph is ....  
(A) pet dogs are loyal animals
(B) pet dogs are more loyal than humans
(C) dogs can be a great source of pleasure
(D) the writer has no objection to keeping dogs In the city
(E) the writer used to play and took care of his pet when he was a child 

3. We can infer from the text that keeping pet dogs in the city will not cause any problem as long ....  
(A) the dogs are amusing
(B) the neighbours like having pet dogs
(C) the dogs do not balk at the neighbours
(D) the writer has succeeded in persuading the neighbours
(E) its presence does not disturb the neighbourhood

Jawaban 1:

1.c.the dogs often bark and disturb the neighbours
2.c.dogs can be a great source of pleasure
3.e.it's presence does not disturb the neighbourhood
ini menurut jawaban saya :)

Complete the word with indefinite pronoun .  1. he said that there was not ......... on the bus
2. the man is happy and rich. He has ........... in his hand
3. last night there was ........... breaking into our house
4. nadya wanted to ask .......... the way to Cimahi
5. Raffi can't find his bag ........... anywhere

Jawaban 1:

1. people

Contoh dialog handling telephone tentang pembayaran

Jawaban 1:

 Mr.Sutomo: Good Morning.
Receptionist: Good morning, Sir. Welcome to Nyiur Hijau Hotel. May I help you?
Mr. Sutomo: Um… I and my wife would like to reserve a room. Do you have any empty room for us?
Receptionist: Um… (checking) we have some rooms available. We have standard and deluxe room available for you and your wife. Which one will be your choice, Sir?
Mr. Sutomo: Hey, Dear. Which one would you like to be our room? Standard or deluxe one?
Mrs. Sutomo: Um… What about the deluxe one?
Mr. Sutomo: Excuse me, how much should I pay for every room?
Receptionist: Well, the price for the Standard room is Rp80.000 per night and for the Deluxe one is Rp150.000 per night.
Mr. Sutomo: Alright, I think I will stay in the deluxe room.
Receptionist: How long will you stay with us, Sir?
Mr. Sutomo: I think I will stay for 3 days.
Receptionist: Yes, the deluxe room will be still available for the next 3 days. Please fill in this reservation form, Sir.
Mr. Sutomo: Okay.
(After filling the form)
Mr. Sutomo: Here you are (giving the form)
Receptionist: Thank you, Sir. How will you pay for your room?
Mr. Sutomo: I will pay for it by cash.
Receptionist: Could I have the payment for the room now, Sir? The total is Rp 450.000
Mr. Sutomo: Okay, here you are.
Receptionist: Very well (counting the money). Mr. Sutomo, Your room will be in number 203. Here is your key. Let our bellboy escort you to your room. Thank you and enjoy your stay with us.
Mr. Sutomo: Alright, you’re welcome.
Bellboy : Very well, Sir. Let me bring your belongings into your room.
Mr. Sutomo: Okay, thank you.
(The bellboy escorting Mr. and Mrs. Sutomo to their room)
Bellboy : Here is your room, Sir and Ma’am.
Mrs. Sutomo: Whoa, the room is quite big, Dear! It seems comfortable too.
Mr. Sutomo: Yes, Dear.
Bellboy : Um… excuse me, Sir and Ma’am, would you like me to explain your room facilities?
Mrs. Sutomo: Alright, Yes, please.
Bellboy : Well, you have a plasma television in here. This is the remote control of Air Conditioner. You can also use the fridge here. This room is also featured with Wi-Fi connection for your internet needs. There is a safety box here that you can use to put your money or other valuable things you may want to keep. To use this safety box you can read the manual book here. You also have two big windows here that will bring your eyes right into the ocean view. In the bathroom, we also have prepared anything you need. That’s all, if you come across into questions, you can call us right by using the phone. Anything else you need to know, Sir and Ma’am?
Mrs. Sutomo: No, thank you.
Mr. Sutomo: That would be enough, Thank you.
Bellboy : You’re welcome and have a nice stay with us.

Apa moral value of mohammad hatta???

Jawaban 1:

Rajin membaca buku, memperjuangkan kemerdekaan.

.    If Jack’s wife wont agree to sign the papers, 

A.    neither won’t he

B.    neither he will

C.    He won’t neither

D.    neither will he

Jawaban 1:

Jawabannya D.
Soalnya klo udh pake neither ga perlu pake not lg, trus formnya stlh koma : neither+verb+subject 
Semoga membantu :)

Apa arti nya no one can replace you, in my heart , my be is the best

Jawaban 1:

"tidak ada satu orangpun yg dapat menggantikanmu dari hatiku, yang membuatku jadi terbaik" !!! jadikan aku yg terbaik ya! please..,

Jawaban 2:

Tidak ada yang dapat menggantikanmu di hatiku, jadilah saya yg terbaik

Compare riddle and indonesian riddle

Jawaban 1:

Membandingkan teka teki dan teka teki indonesia

Buatlah sebuah descriptive text tentang salah satu tokoh dunia ?

Jawaban 1:

Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress who is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga and for her prolific work in independent films. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Speak (2004), Zathura (2005), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009), The Runaways (2010), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), On the Road (2012) and Camp X-Ray (2014) . She will star in Clouds of Sils Maria (2014), Still Alice (2015) and Equals (2015). Stewart was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.[2][3][4] Her father, John Stewart, is a stage manager and television producer who has worked for Fox. Her mother, Jules Mann-Stewart, is a script supervisor originally from Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia, who has also directed a film. She has an older brother, Cameron B. Stewart, and two adopted brothers, Dana and Taylor.Stewart attended school until the seventh grade and then continued her education by correspondence until completing high school.

Jawaban 2:

Salah satunya tokoh apa?

Berikan contoh descriptive text tentang uks

Jawaban 1:

School health unit

hello friends, 
school we have 
one quality school health unit recently passed now. 
school health unit is open to all students here 

. And that is assigned to the school health unit is the students themselves. 
welcome to the club for a small doctor who entered into a participant in the 
school health unit 
hopefully better and more qualified in 
carry out their duties.

Jawaban 2:

Hello friends, I want to tell you about my school health unit.
My school health unit is quite spacious. There are 3 beds and there is a cupboard to store drugs and drug disitu. All tools for wound care stored in a neat and orderly. There is also a sink for hand washing. there is one toilet. School health units are comfortable and clean, there is a trash can in the corner of the room. I love my school health unit