Thermometer Celcius Dan Fahrenheit Akan Menunjukkan Suhu Yang Sama Pada Suhu? Jawab Dengan Uraian!

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Thermometer celcius dan fahrenheit akan menunjukkan suhu yang sama pada suhu? jawab dengan uraian!

Jawaban 1:

suhu celsius = suhu fahrenheit pada -40 derajat

Pertanyaan Terkait

Apa yang dimaksud dengan Evaluation Summation

Tolong jelaskan dengan lengkap ya

Jawaban 1:

Evaluation adalah mengevaluasi
summation adalah proses matematika yang berarti penjumlahan

Evaluation summation tergantung konteks nya, dalam matematika berarti operasi penjumlahan, sedangkan dalam konteks bahasa semantic atau sehari hari adalah berarti proses menganalisa akumulasi suatu keadaan. 

Berikan contoh dialog dari expression annoyed ?

Jawaban 1:

Efah      : Hey Naufal ! What are you doing there ?
Naufal   : I want to sit here !
Efah      : Move now ! I am watching now. You had block my view.
Naufal   : Aaaah ! Just a minutes !
Efah      : Move now Naufal !
Naufal   : Ok. I’m sorry sister ..

Ada yang tau contoh Berita Acara Serah Terima Pekerjaan (Proyek) dalam bahasa Inggris?

Jawaban 1:

Handover Works (Project)

Bagaima membalas surat kepada pembeli tersebut?? kiara agusta
jalan W.Z Johanes No. 621
The Tiny Tots Toy Company
Jalan Kuningan Sari No. 50, Jakarta
Dear Costumer Service Respresentative,

I recently purchased one of your Tiny Tents (Model #47485) for my three-year old daughter. Unfortunately, after viewing the components that came with the product, I discovered that four of the parts were missing. Also, the instructions that came with the tent are in portuguese and Russian, but not in english or french, the two languages I speak. These two unforeseen problems have resulted in the tent remeaning unassembled and unacceptable as a toy my daughter.
I am writing to request replacements for the missing parts, and a copy of the full set of assembly instructions (in english or french) for the model I purchased. If reasonable arrangements are not made within ten bussines days, I will return the tent to the store I purchased it from and expect a full refund. To assist you in processing my request, I am including a copy of my sales receipt and a list of the missing parts.
I have purchased other toys manufactured by your company in the past, and have always been impressed with the quality and selection that Tiny Tots has made available to its customers. I sincerely hope this is a one-time incident, and that any future purchases I make will live up to the standard my family has come to expect from your company.

Kiara Agusta

Jawaban 1:

Dear Kiara Agusta,

I am glad that you let us know about this matter. We are more than happy to assist you and would like to keep you impress with our service. We apologize for the missing part of the screw which supposed to be attached to the tents. We will send it tomorrow. And also the copy of the instruction will be delivered together with these missing parts. Hopefully you are satisfied with our reply and always be our loyal customer


Toytots Representative

Apa yang membedakan penggunaan "because of", "because", dan "due to" dalam suatu kalimat?

Jawaban 1:

Because of = because of + noun phrase, hanya disambung dgn kata frase kata benda
because = because + subject + verb. diikuti oleh orangnya dan ada kata kerjanya
due to sama dengan because of

Jawaban 2:

Penggunaan pada kalimat sebelumnya atau kata lampau

Apa itu prepositions.??

Jawaban 1:

Preposition adalah kata yang dikombinasikan dengan noun atau pronoun, membentuk phrase (frasa) yang menerangkan verb,noun, atau adjective. 

Contoh : At School
             Under The bridge
             Because of you

biasanya Preporsition disebut kata depan di bhs inggris.

Jawaban 2:

Preposition adalah kata-kata pendek yang biasanya berada sebelum kata benda

Apakah perbendaan past tense dan continous tense

Jawaban 1:

Past tense itu menunjukan kejadian yang sudah terjadi di masa lampau.
contoh : I watched Tv lastnight.

Past Continous tense itu menunjukan kejadian yang sedang terjadi pada masa lampau.
contoh : I was watching tv when you called last night.

Erina buys a dress and shoes Saya mau mastikan lagi, penggalan kata perkata dari kalimat tersebut.
Erina = noun
buys= verb
thank you :)

Jawaban 1:

Maksudnya gimana ya?
Erina = Noun (Subject)
Buys = Verb
A dress and Shoes = Noun (Object)

Jawaban 2:

Itu maksudnya gimana?
kalau bhs indonesia:
Erina = noun
membeli = verb

Rubah kalimat ini menjadi active participle 1. Karena dia sangat cantik, dia menjadi sombong.
2. Karena cemburu, Ia (pr) selalu menghindar bertemu dengannya (lk).
3. Pertemuan yang melibatkan banyak mahasiswa tersebut berakhir dengan sukses.
4. Dia meninggalkan ruang pertemuan, tanpa berkata sepatahpun
5. Saya merasakan suaranya bergetar.

Jawaban 1:

setau aku active participle itu kata kerja yang berujung – ing
Because she was so beautiful, she became overbearing. Because of jealousy, She had avoided meeting him
The meeting, which involving a lot of these students end up with success
He left the meeting room, without saying a word.
I feel his voice vibrating.

Maksud dari idiom dalam bahasa inggris dan contohnya?

Jawaban 1:

Idiom itu terdiri dari banyak kata namun artinya cuma 1,
contohnya = an odd sort of chap = orang aneh

Jawaban 2:

Iyah bener tuh, idiom itu lebih spesifik nya bahasa ungkapan, terdiri dari beberapa kata tapi artinya satu kaya

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