Task 3. Complete The Dialogues Below Then Practice It With Your Friend! 1.boni: Good Morning Lia. How`s

Task 3. complete the dialogues below then practice it with your friend! 1.boni: good morning lia. how`s everything?
   lia: good morning, boni. I`m ok.(1)....... and you?
   boni: I`m not so bad (2).....
2.celvin: it is my english project of interviewing, sir.
   mr tio: let me see. (3)........,student!
   celvin: (4)........, sir.
3.tiara: hey, look at this! does this red car fit for me?
   via: ehm... I do not really like.
   tiara: how about the purple one?
   via: that`s it.(5).....,I think
   tiara: really? you kid, but (6).......
4.rhea: wow,(7).......,mom
   mom:of course, I made it special in your birthday dear.
   rhea: (8)........mom.may I taste just a little?
   mom:of course, you may. eat all but wait for your younger daughter.
5.adra: I have been doubt finding extraordinary thing for you.
   okta: why?
   adra: nothing. just leave a great thing in every moment. may you will like it. a pot of white                lily
   okta: it`s nice and unique gift l`veever had.(9)
   adra: (10).............

task 4. make thanking expression based on these situations!
1. your girlfriend/boyfriend gives you a luxury gift
2. your sister has just bought dinner for you.
3.you amaze with your ordering pizza by your mother
4. your friend helped to carry your travel bag.
5. the teacher likes to see your paint.

andy noya: well,come back with me andy noya in kick andy show. now, we have a special                       guest mr.dahlan iskan, our minister of country own work corporation. good                            evening, mr iskan. welcome to kick andy show.
mr. dahlan iskan: good evening, andy. thank you.
andy noya: well, congratulation for your new job as a new minister of country own corporation
mr dahlan iskan: ok. thank you. I think it`s an appreciation for me, never thought it before                               actually
andy noya: let`s go to the point mr iskan, we are so amazed with your works I mean, in your                   new policy in several last years
mr dahlan iskan: really?
andy noya: but flash back to your last project in pln or country electriciity company or before                    it. tell me some of them. I heard that you had been a reporter in tempo                                 magazine and jawa pos chief.
mr dahlan iskan: yes, it`s true. I just did small things as my grateful for god. I could be saved                           from my hepatitis. I run liver transplantation in 2008 in china
andy noya: wow, it`s great! it`s inspiring us.
mr dahlan iskan: thanks andy. I think it`s simple, andy. I only want to share my feeling. for                               me, whatever it is, the choice may be different, the ideology may be                                     different, but the point is how we, can share to others in our work, nothing                             is separate. just simple. that`s what we wanted to convey to all
andy noya: great! give applause for dahlan iskan and all, andy so I can sit and share                               here.thanks a lot.
andy noya: you`re welcome mr. iskan. have a great job for the next policy, we`ll wait some of them later the great discussion. I,andy noya thanks for watching me and see you it the same channel and time next week. see you!

task 2 answer these questions!
1.who is introduced by noya in kick andy program?
2.who is he in this case?
3.what are mr. iskan`s jobs before?
4.what happened with mr.iskan in 2008?
5.has mr.iskan ever be a chief of jawa pos?
6.explain about ideology shown by mr. iskan!
7.mention the praising expression in the dialogue above!
8.mention grateful expression there!

Jawaban 1:

Task 3:
2) thanks too
3) yours
4) here
5) that's more fit to you
6) i don't like purple
7) did u make this cake for me,
8) thank you so mucj
9) thank you
10) you're welcome

task 4:
1) thank you so much honey for the gift. i really love it
2) thanks sist for the dinner, you're my best sista ever
3) what a delicious pizza! this is the best pizza i ever eat
4) thanks for the help
5) thank you miss/miste, it's nothing

task 2 : i'm sorry, too lazy to read the text so i dont know the answer

Jawaban 2:

1 thanks
2 thanks to
3 here
4 yes
5 nice
6 i do not like purple
7 will you made thing for me
8 thanks
9 give you
10 by thx

Pertanyaan Terkait

Tolong buat expressing annoyance 2 orang yang berada dalam kelas, jumlah percakapan 1 orang 5 percakapan please help me :) 

Jawaban 1:

A: i'm so tired.
B: me too. it's boring here
C: and the whether feels so timid. i don't like it
D: me neither.
E: hey hey why don't we play soccer instead?
A: no thank you. i think it will cost much effort either

maaf gabisa buat yang bagus, isi umpatan gitu katanya

Ada yang punya naskah drama legenda/cerita rakyat untuk 7 orang ?

Jawaban 1:

Tulis aja di google naskah drama 7 orang tentang legenda candi prambanan di scribd,naskahnya bagus

Develop The following sentences with adverbs of manner,place and time   1.The ant worked 2.The crow ate a piece of meat 3.The rabbit ran 4.The wind blew 5.the girl was carrying a pail of milk 6. the dog was walking 7.the stork drank 8.the tiger killed a lamb

Jawaban 1:

1) the ant worked hard together to reach their place
2) the crow ate a piece of meat and it flew away
3) the rabbit ran quickly through this way yesterday
4) the wind blew softly in my place last night
6) the girl was carrying a pail of milk and walked to her home
7) the stork drank the water from the lake 
8) the tiger killed a lamb to have lunc in a farm

semoga membantu^^

bagaimana contoh surat izin sakit dalam bahasa inggris? tapi ini dari murid ke skolah. bukan dari orang tua ke skolah.

Jawaban 1:

4 December 2013
Dear Mr/Ms ______,

I am _____ from class ____ would like to inform that yesterday I didn't attend class because I was ill, suffering from flu/_____. Thank you for your attention.


Berikan contoh dari conditional sentence? jelaskan!

Jawaban 1:

 conditional sentence itu semacam kalimat pengandaian, misalnya jika saya kaya maka saya akan membeli mobil.

ada 3 bentuk CS :

Type 1 : yang pasti terjadi (likely to happen), bentuk / struktur kalimatnya :
If + S + Verb 1 (Simple Present) + S + Future Tense (will + V1) + O
If + S + is / am / are (tobe) + adjective (kt.sifat) + S + Future Tense
Ex: If i have much money, i will buy a car
If i am rich, i will buy a motorcycle

Type 2 : diharapkan terjadi sekarang namun kenyataannya tidak terjadi, struktur kalimatnya:

If + S + Verb 2 (Past Tense) + s + Would + Verb 1
If + S + were + adj. / noun (kata sifat / benda) + S + Would + Verb 1

Ex : If i were a boy, i think i could understand
If only i could turn back time, i would stay for the night
If i were rich, i would buy a car

Type 3: semacam penyesalan (hal yang tak mungkin terjadi karena waktunya sudah lewat), bentuk kalimat :

If + S + past perfect + s + Past perfect future (would / could have + V3)
Ex : If Zakki had studied hard, he would have passed the test

Buatlah teks deskripsi bahasa inggris berjudul keluargaku minimal 200 kata !

Jawaban 1:

FAMILY. talking about family, family is a palace who can us from our problem. in there we have dad and mom. dad is householder and mom is controller for her son and her daughter. family is important for us, actually for we, as a adolescent. family is a education medium first. in family we can studying about this live from our mother especially for her daughter and dad can share his experience to survive in this live for his son. family is a property in this world, without family we are not one. when we are down family always there and always give us a support to make us rise and wake up us from the failure. family always give everything who u want. especially our mother she is always understood about her child, she is can solve and have a solution in family. mother is a treasure of family. she is regulate our money, and she is a good and strong woman from our father. and, sometimes when our father angry with us, mother always there and always defend us, although we are wrong. in fact, father and mother are the best person who we are have, without them there is not us. only them can make us better in last years. only them can make our heart feel happy in their ways. whatever it is. and, in family we also have brother and sister. bother and sister are our example to make us better cause she/he teach us about something who dont know before. not only that in the big family we have grandma and grandfather. with them we can also know about their experience when they were young cause with them we can get many explanation cause they are the old one. there is no more valuable without it. family is one, family is our live. thank

Jawaban 2:

There are 6 people in my family. I have two brothers and one sister. I am the second oldest of my brothers and sister. My Dad goes to work everyday from 8 am to 8 pm. His job is to communicate with Vietnamese people. My mom doesn’t work outside the home. She stays home and takes care of the house. She also raises the kids and cooks everyday. My oldest brother is 23 years old. He doesn’t work or go to school. He just stays home and only does the things he wants to do. He also spends a lot of money that dad earns. My younger brother is just the opposite. He is 18 years old. Everyday he goes to school and sometimes he goes to work. He also helps my parents when he has free time. He had diploma from high school and now he is enrolled in the University. My parents are proud of him very much. Finally is my sister is 11 years old and a cute girl. She is in the fifth grade. I think she is a very smart girl. I love her and my parents very much.

Erma: .....for"laskar pelangi" film tonight jihan: let me check it. sorry, the tickets are sold out

a. i'd like you to show us the ticket
b. we need to return the tickets
c. i'd like to buy a ticket
d you have to obtain a ticket

Jawaban 1:

C jawabannya

Coba buatkan Annoucement (pengumuman) bahasa inggris untuk pemberitahuan kepada murid suatu kelas tentang ulangan akhir semester!

Jawaban 1:

 announced that soon we will carry out the final exams .. please do the students prepare carefully from now on,,

Jawaban 2:

To all students who follows the UAS test, please to prepare everything .
Thank for your attention

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris yang agak panjang, 2 orang menggunakan expression of love.

Jawaban 1:

Mrs. Jennie : Happy Birthday NinaNina : thank you,Mom.Mrs. Jennie : I have something for youNina : what it this?Mrs Jennie : just take a lookNina : oh, thank you Mom, I love youMrs. Jennie : I love you too,dear

Lagu yang ada noun clause

Jawaban 1:

Lirik Lagu ( Grenade - Bruno Mars )

sorry kalau salah

Jawaban 2:

Maroon 5 - wont go home without you