Saya Mau Bertanya Tentang Materi Adjective Clause. Bagaiman Cara Membedakan Apakah Soal Ini Diberi Relative

Saya mau bertanya tentang materi adjective clause. bagaiman cara membedakan apakah soal ini diberi relative prounoun atau tidak.
terima kasih.

Jawaban 1:

Adjective clause : adalah kumpulan frase untuk memberikan tambahan informasi suatu benda 

Ikan, yang berwarna merah, pasti rasanya enak
Fish, which has red color, must have a delicious taste. 

Membedakan relative pronoun(who, whose, whom, which, that) atau tidak adalah dengan melihat apakah pronoun tersebut setelah kata benda yang ingin dijelaskan. 

Apabila bukan setelah kata benda maka dia buka relative pronoun
who is this guy <- bukan 
The man, who just won the prize, wore a red shirt 

Pertanyaan Terkait

Apa sebutan untuk : -orang inggris -bahasa inggris -negara inggris -orang malaysia -bahasa malaysia -negara malaysia -orang amerika -bahasa amerika -negara amerika 

Jawaban 1:

Negara berkulit putih
bahasa inggris
orang britania
mat salleh
pelaut gila
semoga membantu :)

Tolong buatkan contoh undangan pengambilan rapor untuk orang tua siswa dalam bahasa Inggris dong 

Jawaban 1:


Change into adjective clause 1. the girls are playing a volly ball
I will meet then there

2. the cars are being washed by them
they are expensive

3. the boy looks sadly
his wallet losy yesterday

4. the woman explains something
I likem he very much

Jawaban 1:

1. The girls, that playing volley ball will be meet by me
2. The cars, that expensive are being washed by them
3. The boy who lost his wallet, looks sad
4. I like the woman who explains something 

maap klo ada yang salah...

Buatlah dialog expression of plan...

Jawaban 1:

Nancy :hai, Nan....
Arum : hai,,,
Nancy : Rum, I have a plan to our class in this holiday,
Arum : hmmm, what?
Nancy : We will go to Amri's home, his home at highlands, how? are you agree with me?
Arum : I agree, we must tell our classmate ,,,
Nancy : Yes, when?
Arum : faster is better
Nancy : yeh...

Write down the adjective forms of the words below

Jawaban 1:

Menuliskan bentuk kata sifat dari kata-kata di bawah ini 
a. korporasi 
b. operasi 
c. sukses

Tolong bikinin Hortatory exposition text tentang alkohol? thank you!

Jawaban 1:

Don't use Alcohol
Alcohol is kind of drug that can be warm for your health

Dialog tentang hair style

Jawaban 1:

Rara : hai ika,what a nice new hair style do you have! ika : thank you rara,it's a special design from my father. rara : it's made by your father? ika : yeah. what do you think about this? rara : actually,i'd like a long hair and straight ika : oh, my hair is curly and short. rara : don't mind me! i like your hair!! jadikan yg terbaik ya!!!

Bagaimana cara belajar debate menggunakan bahasa inggris ?

Jawaban 1:

ou can improve your english only if you always practise. Speaking with your friends, listening the radio and reading english news paper. or wacthing TV, i mean english TV.

Jawaban 2:

Bnyak mnghafal kosa kta,,, dan mmperdlm greamer y,,,,, spaya lancar,,,

Apa perbedaan see dan look?

Jawaban 1:

See= untuk  orang
look= untuk benda

Jawaban 2:

Kalo "look" biasanya ada di kalimat perintah tapi kalo "see" ada di kalimat pernyataan

3 contoh teks announcement about government

Jawaban 1:

School anniversary event organizersSenior High School 01 .................................
For all students of Senior High School 01, this school will hold a variety of competitions in order to 56th birthday celebration. In the competitions, our steering committee will hold five competition types as follows:
English speech inter-class competitionScrabble inter-class competitionEnglish debate school competitionFootball schools competitionBasketball schools competition

The series of events will be held from June 3rd, 2013 to June 21st, 2013. For the first and second categories, each class must send participants with a minimum of two people and a maximum of three people to enter the competition. Meanwhile, for the third and fourth category, we will do the selection done by a special team based on students' data in last six months, because those competitions are going to involve entire school in the province.

We welcome with love..Muhammad YusufApril, 28th 19924.36 A.M.3 lbs.  2 oz. 17 inchProud ParentsHandi & Tiara

From : English Department of Lampung UniversityLampung UniversityBandar Lampung, 35147
Contact : Clara Mustika AnastasiaPhone : 0812-3567-8944For use : now to July 3, 2013
On the 4th of July, 2013, a team from the University of Adelaide will come to the University of Lampung to provide guidance on scholarships for outstanding students in Indonesia. The briefing will be delivered directly through the university's dean of Adelaide in a great detail. The event will take place during the day and held in the multipurpose building of Lampung University. Enjoy the event.

Jawaban 2:

Coba searching pidato "I HAVE A DREAM" by Marthin Luther King