Kak Buat Kan Kalimat Tapi Pake Kalimat Lampau Scientist =Awarded=Investigated=Devoted=Received=Discovery=Benefits=Significant=Announced=Surgery=

Kak buat kan kalimat tapi pake kalimat lampau  scientist =

Jawaban 1:

Scientist = scientist were one of the most popular profession in 1920
awarded= He was awarded as one of the best basketball player 
investigated= John investigated the murder cases two years ago
devoted= He devoted him self to make his wife happy 
received= So many refuges received the aids from the government
discovery= The first discovery to America was started by Colombus
benefits= There were so many benefits in studying together 
significant= He got significant role by playing as romeo
announced= The guy was announced as the oscar winner
surgery= This had surgery two years ago 

Pertanyaan Terkait

Tolong bikinin Resep makanan yg memakai bahasa Inggris

Jawaban 1:

Title : How to Make Fried Rice Ingredients: 2 plate of rice 1 Clove of garlic 1 TableSpoon of tomato sauce 1 egg, beaten 100 grams of chicken meat 1 tablespoon cooking oil Salt How to make Fried Rice: First Heat oil and saute garlic until the smell of the garlic comes out. After that Add chicken, stir briefly until slightly cooked. Next Add the eggs, stir until cooked egg cracked. And  Then Enter the white rice, tomato sauce, and salt, stirring until blended with herbs. Finally,

Tolong buatin teks tentang nama hewan dan jumlahnya dlm bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

I just bought fifty nine chickens, I will take care all of them and feed them everyday. 
There are one thousand buffaloes which are waiting in the fields. 

Bahasa inggris nya buku

Jawaban 1:

Book, title,knuckle, grain opus.

Sebuah petir terlihat cahayanya. Setelah 3 sekon kemudian baru terdengar suara guntur. jika cepat rambat bunyi di udara 330 m/s. hitung jarak terjadinya petir.

Jawaban 1:

Kecepatan rambat bunyi 330 m/s,,
Dalam waktu 3 detik,,,

330 m/s X 3 s = 990 meter,,, 

#Mungkin,,, :D

Choose the correct verbs in brackets to complete the sentences! 1. The apple__________ (cute/is cut) into two
2. The monkey __________ (ate/was eaten) the bananas revenously
3. Mirna's books __________ (lent/were lent) to Yosita
4. Fonda__________ (examined/was examined) by the doctor for five minutes.
5. The scouts __________ (lead/are led) by their teachers to the hill.
6. Nova (likes/is liked) eating meatballs very much
7. We__________ (taught/were taught) about how to write narratives in the seminar.
8. The songs__________ (are listening to are/ are being listened to) by my sister now.
9. We__________ (will visit/ will be visited) my grandma next weekend.
10. The horse__________ (has ridden/has been ridden) for a few hours

Jawaban 1:

1. is cut
2. ate (ragu)
3. were lent
4. was examined
5. are led
7. were taught (ragu)
8. are being listened
9. will visit
10. has been ridden

Jawaban 2:

Is cut ate were lent was examined are led likes were taught are being listened will visit has been ridden

apa-apa saja contoh dialog bhs inggris 5 orang yang menyatakan rasa suka dan tidak suka akan sesuatu ?

Jawaban 1:

Msalnya kta mnwrkan ssuatu pda orng lain dan dy mnlak

Jawaban 2:

I like the design of your dress(menyatakan suka dengan pakaian org lain),
i like the taste of your sadwich ( mnytkn suka dengan rasa masakan org lain)

i dont like your style
i dont like your glasses


Jawaban 1:

May /
May itu kan d gunakan di present dan future ,

What is another name of verb 1, verb 2, verb 3, and verb+ing ?   thanks before

Jawaban 1:

Verb1 = to invinitive
verb2 = past form
verb3 = participle

Boleh taw kan temannnn...... Apa sih arti dari :
- I just kiding
- Not anggry for ok...plies

mohon di jawab yha.....
aku tungguuuuuu.....

Jawaban 1:

Just kidding itu: aku hanya bercanda
not angry for ok plis: jangan marah oke? tolong

Jawaban 2:

I just kiding artinya : Aku hanya bercanda!

Tolong buatkan teks deskripsi yg berjudul my school menggunakan bahasa inggris,dengan keterangan : keadaan sekolah , kegiiatan siswa , ruangan

Jawaban 1:

My High School               

Morning my friends. I will to tell you about my school. For now, I am school in senior high school. My school is one of favorite school in Banjarbaru. The name is SMA N 1 Banjarbaru, and the address at Keruing Street, number 3, Banjarbaru. I need about 10 minutes to drive from my home.

My school not big, but is nice and clean.  My school has parkings area. It also has a beautiful school park in the centre of the school. And the most important for us is a new mosque in front of XI Science I. Then, when we have a break, we just go to the canteens to have lunch.

My school has many classroom. There are 6 rooms for 12 grade, 7 rooms for 11 grade, 7 rooms for 10 grade. Hmm, my school has 31 classroom. My school has cooperation, concleting room, Official room,  and TRRC. Teacher and Headmaster room is in front of TRRC room. My school has a auditory. My school has 2 laboratory, such as : Biology Laboratory, and IT rooms.

My school has one library. When I am bored, I usually come to this place. Don’t think if about me will borrow or read books. I come to there for watching the TV. Hehe  The Library is beside the UKS rooms. In the school yard there some trees.

And it’s all about my school. I think all of you very know abot my school. Because you and me school in the same school. Thank you .