I.Make Question By Using Question Word "How Much" 1. Ani's Brother Has Rp. 50.000,-2. Ineed Two Tubes

I. Make question by using question word "How much" 1. Ani's brother has Rp. 50.000,-
2. I need two tubes of toothpaste a month.
3. They eat some bread for breakfast.
4. Father needs a pail of water.
5. Rudy gave a cone of ice cream to Hendri.
II. Make question by using question word "How Many"
1. My sister has three T-shirts.
2. Andrew needs five diaries.
3. There are five boys in the school yard.
4. I have five sisters an four brothers.
5. Jasmine bought two tins of milk.

Jawaban 1:

1. How much ani's brother has?
2. How much toothpaste do you need?
3. How much bread do they have for breakfast?
4. How much water does your father need?
5. How much cone of ice cream did Rudi gave to Hendri.

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Buatlah sebuah question tag contohnya

Jawaban 1:

With auxiliaries : you've got a car, haven't you?

Jawaban 2:

Pake haven't (they, we, you) or hasn't (he, she, it)
jadi : She is people, hasn't she ?
You drinks water, haven't you ?

Jelaskan apa yang dimaksud dengan topik sequence adverbs ?

Jawaban 1:

Sequence Adverb

First, I typed "sequence adverbs" into Google.  Then, I clicked on a few links that weren't very good.  Next, I clicked on the Small Town English link.  After that, I read a helpful list and watched a cartoon about sequence adverbs.  Finally, I told my friends to visit the site for all their grammar needs.

Jawaban 2:

"Urutan Kata Keterangan (SEQUENCE ADVERBS)" 
Kata Keterangan urutan digunakan ketika menggambarkan bagaimana melakukan atau membuat sesuatu. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh: 
Pertama, menyebarkan selai kacang pada dua potong roti. Kemudian dipotong pisang menjadi potongan-potongan kecil. Selanjutnya, masukkan potongan pisang di satu irisan roti. Setelah itu, tuangkan madu selama pisang. Akhirnya, menempatkan irisan roti lainnya di atas. 
Berikut adalah resep untuk kebab panggang. Tambahkan keterangan urutan ke setiap langkah untuk menempatkan mereka di urutan: 
_____ Menempatkan daging dan sayuran di tusuk sate _____ Menempatkan arang di panggangan dan menyalakannya dengan cairan ringan _____ Mengambil kabobs off barbekyu dan menikmati _____ Menempatkan kabobs pada panggangan dan masak selama 10 sampai 15 menit, memutar theim lebih dari waktu ke waktu _____ Memotong daging dan sayuran dan menempatkan mereka dalam mangkuk dengan bumbu barbekyu favorit Anda. Rendam selama 20 menit

Cerita timun mas yg memakai bahasa inggris,gmna?

Jawaban 1:

.Long time ago in the island of Java, Indonesia, lived a couple of farmer.  They had married for some years but they had no children.  So they prayed to a monster called Buta Ijo to give them children.  Buta Ijo was a ferocious and powerful monster.  He granted their wish on one condition.  When their children had grown up, they had to sacrifice them to Buta Ijo.  He liked eating fresh meat of human being.  The farmers agreed to his condition.  Several months later the wife was pregnant.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  They named her Timun Emas.  The farmers were happy.  Timun Emas was very healthy and a very smart girl.  She was also very diligent. When she was a teenager Buta Ijo came to their house.  Timun Emas was frightened so she ran away to hide.  The farmers then told Buta Ijo that Timun Emas was still a child.  They asked him to postpone.  Buta Ijo agreed.  He promised to come again.  The following year Buta Ijo came again.  But again and again their parents said that Timun Emas was still a child.

When the third time Buta Ijo came their parents had prepared something for him.  They gave Timun Emas several bamboo needles, seeds of cucumber, dressing and salt.

‘Timun, take these things’

‘What are these things?’

‘These are your weapons.  Buta Ijo will chase you.  He will eat you alive.  So run as fast as you can.  And if he will catch you spread this to the ground.  Now go!’

Timun Emas was scared so she ran as quickly as she could.  When Buta Ijo arrived she was far from home.  He was very angry when he realized that his prey had left.  So he ran to chase her.  He had a sharp nose so he knew what direction his prey ran.

Timun Emas was just a girl while Buta Ijo was a monster so he could easily catch her up.  When he was just several steps behind Timun Emas quickly spread the seeds of cucumber.  In seconds they turned into many vines of cucumber.  The exhausted Buta Ijo was very thirsty so he grabbed and ate them.  When Buta Ijo was busy eating cucumber Timun Emas could run away.

But soon Buta Ijo realized and started running again.  When he was just several steps behind Timun Emas threw her bamboo needles.   Soon they turned into dense bamboo trees. Buta Ijo found it hard to pass.  It took him some time to break the dense bamboo forest.  Meanwhile Timun Emas could run farther.

Buta Ijo chased her again.  When he almost catch her again and again Timun Emas threw her dressing.  This time it turned into a lake.  Buta Ijo was busy to save himself so Timun Emas ran way.  But Buta Ijo could overcome it and continued chasing her.

Finally when Timun Emas was almost caught she threw her salt.  Soon the land where Buta Ijo stood turned into ocean.  Buta Ijo was drowned and died instantly.

Timun Emas was thankful to god and came back to her home.

Jawaban 2:

Buat dulu kalimat bahasa indonesianya di kertas sele-sele, trus di terjemahin ke bahasa inggr. Nah, kalo kamu rasa uda benar. tinggal pindahkan aja ke buku. Aku rasa sih tenses yang cocok Simple Past Tense..

jadikan solusi terbaik ya

Contoh kalimat preposisition dan quantifier positif dan negatif beserta artinya?

Jawaban 1:

is a word when a noun is described its relationship with another noun/pronoun
positive: "he likes tea more than coffee." (dia suka teh lebih dari kopi)
negative: "Emma stole a cake from Jennifer" (Emma mencuri kue dari Jennifer)

is a type of determiner (much, some) that expresses a relative indication of quantity
positive: "I believe that every person is born with talent." (saya percaya semua orang dilahirkan dengan bakat)
negative: "Jack the Ripper killed a lot of people." (Jack the Ripper membunuh banyak orang)

maksudnya begitu?

Nama lain dari Verb 1, verb 2, verb 3, dan verb-ing Please....Need banget>_<

Jawaban 1:

V1 = bare infinitive
v2 = past tense
v3 = past participle
ving = present participle

Apa itu sih passive dan active voice dan jelaskan

Jawaban 1:

Berikut merupakan rumus dan contoh active dan passive voice di tiap-tiap tensis:
Present Passive Voice
a.    Simple Present Tense ·         Active              S + V1 + O Contoh : 1.    Jumaidi buys the car. 2.    He eat soup every sunday
·         Passive           S + is/am/are + V3 Contoh : 1.    The car is bought by Jumaidi. 2.    Soup is eaten by him every Sunday
b.    Present Continuous Tense ·         Active              S + is/am/are + V-ing Contoh : 1.    Andhika is cooking a fried rice. 2.    They are singing a song
·         Passive           S + is/am/are + being + V3 Contoh : 1.    A fried rice is being cooked by Andhika. 2.    A song is being sung by Them.
c.    Present Perfect Tense ·         Active              S + has/have + V3 Contoh : 1.    She has written a homework. 2.    Chaerul have directed the movie.
·         Passive           S + have/has + been + V3 Contoh : 1.    A homework has been written by her. 2.    The movie have been directed by Chaerul.
d.    Present Perfect Continuous Tense ·         Active              S + has/have + been + V-ing Contoh : 1.    Parmin has been killing a snake. 2.    Shinta have been helping the old man.
·         Passive           S + have/has + been + being + V3 Contoh : 1.    A snake has been being killed by Parmin. 2.    The old man have been being helped by Shinta.
Past Passive Voice

Jawaban 2:

Pasive voice itu cnthny macan ditendang ardi jadi kalimatnya itu predikat ditamh kt dpn di jdi klo di bhs inggrisnya itu ada yg diubah tempatnya

Tolong berikan contoh recount text yang jarang orang ketahui

Jawaban 1:

1. Watching Movie

My sister and I went to see a film last night. It was an American movie called The Lost Flight. It showed how people can quickly change when they have to look after themselves in the jungle. It was an interesting film about a plane which crashed on a small empty island in the Pacific Ocean.
Although the passengers were safe, nobody knew where the plane had crashed. So the passengers had to learn how to hunt for food in the jungle and how to catch fish from the sea to eat. After a few weeks, the passengers were eating raw fish and meat.
After they had been on the island for two months, three of the men made a boat and sailed away to find help. But their boat sank and they were drowned.
The film ended without saying whether the passengers were rescued or not. But my sister and I enjoyed the film.

Jawaban 2:

GOING CAMPING : Last weekend, my friends and i went camping. we reached the camping gound after we walked for about one and a half from the parking lot. we built the camp next to a small river. it was getting darker and colder, so we built a fire camp. the next day, we spent our time observing plantation and insects while the girls were preparing meals. in the afternoon we went to the river and caught some fish for supper. at night, we held a fire camp night. we sang, danced, read poetry, played magic tricks, and even some of us peformed a standing comedy. on monday, we packed our bags and got ready to go home.

Tolong describe pekerjaan tukang kayu,pelaut,penjahit,penjual ikan
makasih ya

Jawaban 1:

Tukang kayu bekerja membuat lemari, meja, kursi dll
pelaut bekerja di laut untuk mencari ikan dengan menggunakan jaring dll
penjahit bekerja membuat pakaian
penjual ikan bekerja untuk menjual ikan dari para pelaut di pasar ikan

Jawaban 2:

Contoh nih
sailor is a person who drive a ship and usually a man.

Contoh dialogue agreement and disagreement

Jawaban 1:

DialogFarah     : our earth is getting hotter. It’s because of a lot of illegal logging, green house effect, air       Pollution by carbon dioxide, and much more.
Risma    : I agree with you. Then, what should we do? Any idea? 
Farah     : Hmmm…. I think we must do prohibition to use the vehicles or stop factory activities that    damage the river for a while.
Risma    : Umm…I’m not sure I can agree. Your ideas are too excessive. It’s impossible. I think we must do  reforestation along way and cooperate with many people to make it happen.
Farah     : Ah that’s right, I agree completely. But, we have a problem here,
Risma    : What’s that?
Farah     : where we can get the plants?
Risma    : don’t worry. My uncle sells a lot of plant. So, we can buy it.
Farah     : that’s a good idea.

Jawaban 2:

Rena : Hi, did you know that tomorrow is Bella's birthday ?
Lala : Yeah, I knew that, hmm, by the way i wanna make some cakes for her, what should i make ? should i make the strawberry cupcake ?
Rena : I think you shouldn't, cause bella loves chocolate cake more. Maybe you should make it for her.
Lala : What a good idea, but maybe i should put the strawberry cream on it. It'll be delicious.
Rena : I don't think so, maybe you shouldn't, cause it'll be so sweet.
Lala : Oops, you're right.
Rena : Haha.

Percakapan sesama teman ...

Jawaban 1:

A :  "Hai , chat yok" 
B : "Ayok" 
A : "Kamu lagi apa ?" 
B : "Aku mau tidur udah dulu ya" 
A : "-_-"

Jawaban 2:

A."hello,how are you?"
b."emm,i'am fine,and you?"
a."i'am fine..."
b."okayy..it's good.. ;D"