For The Last Five Years At Various Hospital In The Country __________ Has Been Practicing Medicine. A

For the last five years at various hospital in the country __________ has been practicing medicine. A now

B that

C before

D a midwife

mohon penjelasannya juga thx.^_^

Jawaban 1:

C. before
Karena menggunakan kalimat yang lampau

Pertanyaan Terkait

Apa pengertian dari direction text ? tolong ya , aku search gak nemu-nemu niih

Jawaban 1:

Text yg menunjukkkan arah kali
direction kan arah/tujuan

Buatlah 1 contoh recount text

Jawaban 1:

Last holiday i went to my grandparents house. me and my family went to a mall

Buatlah dialog b.inggris bertema expressing probability and possibility!

Jawaban 1:

Arya      : Hi Erna, why do you collect many stamps?
Erna      : Ohh…. Hi Arya. I am collecting the stamps for my collection.
Arya      : What do you mean?
Erna      : Yes, actually my hobby is collecting stamps.
Arya      : Why do you like collecting stamps?
Erna      : Because I like to see the unique pictures of the stamps. How about you, what is your hobby?
Arya      : Hmm… I think I don’t have hobby. Should we have a hobby?
Erna      : Not really. But in our lives we must have something we like most which is called hobby.
Arya      : So, hobby is a pleasure. Then, I think I have a hobby now.
Erna      : Of course, so what is your hobby?
Arya      : I like to read comics especially detective Conan.
Erna    : That is your hobby. Reading comic. Do you have all of detective Conan’s collection?
Arya      : Yes, I do. I even go to the black market because the original comics have not yet been published. How about your stamps collection?
Erna      : So far I have collected stamps from some countries but I still should find other stamps.
Arya      : Do you need much money for your hobby?
Erna      : Yes of course I need much money because I order the stamps so it costs little bit expensive.
Arya      : Wow…. Your hobby is expensive.
Erna      : Yeah but I like to do it.
Arya      : Okay good luck with your hobby.
Erna      : Thank you.

Bahasa inggrisnya hari setelah selasa adalah rabu

Jawaban 1:

After tuesday is wednesday (?)

Make a simple paragraph in article about how can remove corruption from indonesia

Jawaban 1:

Well, we can't totally just remove the corruption at all in Indonesia. Because it's like a tradition. Hmm.. I think by educate people since they are children is just not enough,because children witness and copy what older people do,such as do the corruption. What about the government make a rule, a death one for whoever do the corruption,like in China once? I think it worked there. :)

Contoh kalimat active passive pada present simple, past simple, present cont, dan past cont!:)

Jawaban 1:

Simple Present Tense
 -Active : I call my best friend
 -Passive : I am called by my best friend
Simple Past Tense
 -Active : I called my friend yesterday
-Passive : I was called by my best friend yesterday
Present Continous Tense
 -Active : I am calling my best friend
 -Passive : I am being called by my best friend
 Past Continous Tense
 -Active : I was calling my best friend
 -Passive : I was being called by my best friend

Buatlah dialog tentang cerita tersebut I usednto go jogging with my wife in the morning around my house in Kampung Baru,Kelapa Dua Wetan,Ciracas,East Jakarta.
Within our residential area,there are some ojek ranks. One of the ranks is very close to my house known as Pangkalan Ojek Jengkol,where the residents, often talk with the drivers.
We can learn many things from the presence of ojek drivers in our area.
Even though they have no written formal agreement,no written memoranda of understanding,no written codes of conduct or the like,they are very disciplined in waiting for passengers.
The passengers can not choose or have a perference for certain drivers because they have to take the one who is at the head of the queue

Jawaban 1:

Neighbor is known as N
ojek man is known as O
N; how is today?
o; today is so far so good sir
N; good. how many standby today? i see only few of u here
O; yes u r right. some of us went back to their hometown
N; i see. u dont go back to ur hometown? where is it by the way?
O; i am from here sir. i dont have hometown. i was born here
N; so u will be here all day?
O; yes but not on lebaran day. i will gather with my family
N; yes ofcourse. u know i am very proud with u and ur friends. u never make problem. u always help us to take our children to school or even mothers to go to market. and u r also very polite
O; that is our commitment sir. we dont want to make any trouble. we are here to work and to provide service to the people who live here
N; thank u very much. oh i forgot something if u have time pls come to my house after magrib ok?
O; sure sir. thanks again
N; please dont mention it. ok see u at my house
O; ok sir

Change into present perfeck 1. the students study english together
2. the baby crlos every morning
3. maryam come to my house every week
4. they understand the lesson very well
5. father likes coffe
the profesors arrive in the afternoon

Jawaban 1:

1. The students have studied together.
2. #maksudnya *cries?*
The baby has cried every morning.
3. Maryam has came to my house every week.
4. They have understood the lesson very well.
5. The professors have arrived in the afternoon.

Buatlah 10soal tentang negative elliptical

Jawaban 1:

1. She isn’t tall.     He isn’t tall. 2. My mother doesn’t like pizza.     My father doesn’t like pizza. 3. They didn’t get up early.     I didn’t get up early. 4. Riska hasn’t done her homework.     Riri hasn’t done her homework. 5. They can’t sing.      I can’t sing. 6.  She isn’t singing.      He isn’t singing. 7.  My sister doesn’t study everyday.      Your sister doesn’t study everyday.

Dialog 5 ekspresi bahasa inggris untuk 2 orang

Jawaban 1:

A: "Hey, there! How are you today?"
B: "So-so. What's up?"
A: "Well, I've finally convinced my parents that I can live on my own and study in Japan!"
B: "Whoa, really? I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!"
A: "Teehee, thanks!"
B: "Anyway, you know.. Um, remember my sister, C?"
A: "Yeah?"
B: "She's at the hospital right now. She was hit by a car this morning."
A: "Oh, man. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope she'll recover soon."
B: "Yeah, thanks."

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