Contoh Text Descriptive Tentang Rusa Mengunakan Bahasa Inggris Disertai Terjemahannya

Contoh text descriptive tentang rusa mengunakan bahasa inggris disertai terjemahannya

Jawaban 1:

 coba buka www.centralartikel.com atau sro.web.id

Pertanyaan Terkait

Arrange the following jumbled words into correct senteces. 1. uses - butcher - to - knive - cut - meat - the.
2. has - cow - farmer - a - the - field - the - rice - plow - to.
3. his - picture - with - takes - camera - photographer - a - the.
4. a policeman - civilians - protects - the.
5. doctor - helps - take care - a nurse - to - patiens - the.
6. the - write - uses - typewriter - writer - to.
7. sends - by - a - letters - postman - motorcycle.

Jawaban 1:

1. Butcher uses knife to cut the meat
2. The farmer has a cow to plow the rice field
3. The photagrapher takes a picture with his camera
4. A policeman protects the civillians
5. A nurse helps the doctor to take care patients
6. Writer uses the typewriter to write
7. A postman sends letters by motorcycle

Apa Bahasa Inggris nya Mendidih ?

Jawaban 1:

Mendidih bahasa inggrisnya : Boiled

Jawaban 2:

Tergantung kalimat, bisa "boil" dan bisa juga "boiling"

Bahasa inggris "kuning langsat , rambut hitam , berbadan tegap , hidung mancung "

Jawaban 1:

olive, black hair, well-built, sharp nose

Jawaban 2:

Olive, black hair, sharp nose

Sebutkan sifat-sifat orang dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya.....

Jawaban 1:

Dilligent = Rajin
Smart = Pandai
Stupid = Tidak pintar
Lazy = Malas
Liar = Pembohong
Selfish = Egois
Work hard = Pekerja keras

Semoga membantu :)

Jawaban 2:

Excited : gembira/riang, bored : bosan, cheerful : sangat senang, kind : baik hati, diligent : rajin, honest : jujur, dis honest : tidak jujur, friendly : ramah, self confident : percaya diri, brave : berani, talented : berbakat, generous: dermawan, clever : pintar, enthisiastic : bersemangat, lucky : beruntung

1. sebutkan 20 nama makanan yang sehat...
2. sebutkan 20 namamakanan yang tidak sehat...

Jawaban 1:

1.Sayur:Wortel,tomat,kangkung,brocoly,bayam,terong,etc.,buah,daging,roti,keju,kue buatan sendiri,nasi,ikan,ayam,susu,Sandwich buatansendiri,pizza buatan sendiri,burger buata sendiri,air putih,kacang-kacangan,
2.Cilok,permen,coklat,Es,intinya makanan yang berpengawet dan berpewarna,contohnya makanan di pinggir jalan.
#sorry kalau salah

Membuat kalimat dengan menggunakan= - do,does,did                                                           = - am, is are

Jawaban 1:

do you like to study ??
does he like to distrub friend ?
did she come to your home, yesterday ??
I am a student.
They are good friend for me. !
My friend is japanese

Jawaban 2:

I do believe you til the end of this month
she does homework everyday
did i lost my love to someone better?

Apakah kalimat dibawah ini sudah merupakan simple present tense: -He always consumes low GI rice.
-She sends much money to her parents in the village.
-She visits the library twice a month.
-Aliya always study every night
-I usually go to school by mini bus.
-The sun rises from the east and sets in the west.
-Water boils at 100 degrees celcius.
-A year has twelve months.
-Ice is cold.
-Fire is hot.

Jika ada yang salah tolong diperbaiki!

Jawaban 1:

Simple present tense kn..
Sepertinya sudah

Jawaban 2:

- Aliya always study every night = Aliya always studies every night

Kalau ke3 kalimat ini bkan simple present tense kyanya
-A year has twelve months.
-Ice is cold.
-Fire is hot.

please, tolong! buatin dialog bertelepon. situasinya itu, ada seorang murid yang ingin pulang kerumahnya, tapi sayangnya kendaraan dy mogok/rusak. jdi dia ingin menelepon ayahnya yang sedang bekerja untuk segera menjemputnya ke sekolah.. terima kasiihh

Jawaban 1:

Siswa: Asalamu'alaikum
Ayah: Wa'alaikumsalam
Siswa: Halo, ayah?
Ayah: Iya, ada apa?
Siswa: Maaf, yah. Bisa enggak jemput aku di sekolah? Sepedaku rusak yah.
Ayah: Bisa, tunggu ayah di gerbang ya.
Siswa: Iya, terima kasih ayah!
Ayah: Sama-sama.
Semoga membantu, maaf kalau salah

Jawaban 2:

Kring kring kring ( suara telpon berbunyi)
Ayah : Iya hallo, selamat siang
Anak : iya yah selamat siang,apa ayah lagi sibuk?
Ayah : kebetulan untuk sekarang ayah lagi belum ada yang mau dikerjain,ada apa ya nak?
Anak : ini yahh,kendaraan aku mogok nih,ayah bisa jemput aku sebentar nggak
Ayah : haduh maaf banget nak bukannya ayah menolak,tapi sebentar lagi ayah ada meeting bareng staff kantor, kamu kan bisa naik taksi nak?
anak : ooh yauda deh aku naik taksi aja yah,tapi nanti motorku gimana?
ayah : biar ayah suruh sopir ayah nanti mengambilnya
anak : oke,trimakasih yah,selamat siang .

Friend,tolong buatin contoh teks narrative donk
(tolong ya....)

Jawaban 1:

teks narrative 
 the rich king and gold

once there live a rich king his name was king herold however he was not happy because he wanted to be the richest king all around the world

one day as herold sat on his throne; his servant  came to him with an old man
master said the  servant
we have found this person around your orchard
he is silenus the friend of the god baccus

herold had an idea he welcomed the  old man as his guest for ten days 
at the end of the ten days  herold took silenus back to the god baccus

baccus was very happy 
then he asked  everything he touched would turn into gold 
on his return to his  place herold tried out his power 
everything he  touched it become gold
then he went for a walk in the garden 
his children ran up to him 
without thinking he touched his children and instantly they turn into little statues 
herold cried
he hurried to baccus 
baccus felt sorry for herold and ordered him to go to the river pactolus and wash his hands in its water 
this would take away the golden touch

Jawaban 2:

Narrative Text Cinderella (Another Cinderella Story)

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Cinderella. She lived with her step mother and two step sisters.
The step mother and sisters were conceited and bad tempered. They treated Cinderella very badly. Her step mother made Cinderella do the hardest works in the house; such as scrubbing the floor, cleaning the pot and pan and preparing the food for the family. The two step sisters, on the other hand, did not work about the house. Their mother gave them many handsome dresses to wear.

One day, the two step sister received an invitation to the ball that the kings son was going to give at the palace. They were excited about this and spent so much time choosing the dresses they would wear. At last, the day of the ball came, and away went the sisters to it. Cinderella could not help crying after they had left.

Why are crying, Cinderella? a voice asked. She looked up and saw her fairy godmother standing beside her, because I want so much to go to the ball said Cinderella. Well said the godmother,youve been such a cheerful, hardworking, uncomplaining girl that I am going to see that you do go to the ball.

Magically, the fairy godmother changed a pumpkin into a fine coach and mice into a coachman and two footmen. Her godmother tapped Cinderellas raged dress with her wand, and it became a beautiful ball gown. Then she gave her a pair of pretty glass slippers. Now, Cinderella, she said; You must leave before midnight. Then away she drove in her beautiful coach.

Cinderella was having a wonderfully good time. She danced again and again with the kings son. Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve, she ran toward the door as quickly as she could. In her hurry, one of her glass slipper was left behind.
A few days later, the king son proclaimed that he would marry the girl whose feet fitted the glass slipper. Her step sisters tried on the slipper but it was too small for them, no matter how hard they squeezed their toes into it. In the end, the kings page let Cinderella try on the slipper. She stuck out her foot and the page slipped the slipper on. It fitted perfectly.

Finally, she was driven to the palace. The kings son was overjoyed to see her again. They were married and live happily ever after.

Hope can help you :)

Tolong deskripsikan ikan mas dalam bahasa inggris minimal 4 paragraf dan mengandung kata "has" dan "it"

Jawaban 1:

I have a goldenfish. i her name hengky seftia. it has a  small body.it also has a gill. i usually feed my fish because i love my fish. it is beautiful .my fish is very active
i love u my golden fish  :* {}