Contoh Percakapan Expression Care

Contoh percakapan expression care

Jawaban 1:

Situation : Your friend is sad.

Ana : Are you okay? You look so sad.
Nia : No, I'm not okay. I feel so sad because I had a fight with my brother yesterday.
Ana : Why?
Nia : He took my favorite novel without asking my permission and he ripped it! How can I not sad? He even not sorry at all and when I yelled at him, he yelled me back with his ridiculous reason that why should I got sad over a novel!
Ana : You must be really hurt...
Nia : Of couse I do.
Ana : What should I do to cheer you up?
Nia : Thanks for your attention but no, sorry.
Ana : Really? I'm sorry I can't help you much.
Nia: Yeah, thanks.

bold: expressions
italic: responses

Jawaban 2:

How poor you are
what a pity
i am sorry to hear that

Pertanyaan Terkait

Buatlah contoh discussion text beserta generic structurenya

Jawaban 1:

Generic Structure
: question : Modal + subject + verb + object
A : Do you know the issue of globalization? 
B : I think I know it a bit, do you want to discuss it? 

Tolong describe dengan tema "my beloved home"

Jawaban 1:

I live in an ordinary house, but I always feel that I belong here for no reason. My house really cozy, it has 4 rooms with AC inside, 1 kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 1 livingrooms, and a green garden in front of it. My mom always take care of this house. I think it's right that our house is our palace because we can do what we want no matter what. Two years ago, I almost moved to the other house because there was an accident, and sssttt I can't tell you, because it's secret. So I think that's all

Tolong buatkan teks bahasa inggris (tentang pengalaman) yang terdapat Simple Past Tense dan Simple Perfect Tense!!

Jawaban 1:

When my holiday at home alone, do not go anywhere, when New Years, i was my large family grilled chicken. Very happy family get together, but this year's holiday was not very pleasent, for some reason??but with family better from with my friend, at the same moment, i stay at home or help my mom. This holiday very boring, calm only, not go play, my mom a sick, this holiday only talk my mom.

Jawaban 2:

Last week, me and my friends went on a road trip to Bali. We rented a jeep, and travel around, through mountains until beaches. We went to Mount Agung, it would be cold and foggy, but we'll also see the beauty of the island from up there. Next, we went down and reach a beach called the Pink Beach. By there, we go on boats to see smaller islands, which was fun. We traveled around Bali for 2 weeks, and it was fun.

Contoh text SPOOF pake twist "falling into a well" dong :)

Jawaban 1:

Spoof text: Falling Into a Well There was a man. When he was walking, he fell into a well.
Many people saw the incident so they came to save him. Unfortunately no one could enter the well to bring him out. Later, a smart man came up with a bright idea to throw the man a strong rope to try to pull him out the well.
When the rope reached  and hit the man’s head, he shouted angrily: “Don' bother me! Pick your own well, I am bathing.”
Do you get the point why that short passage can be labeled as a spoof text? Before we are going to go further, Let's see its rough translation to help you to  get better understanding

Contoh kalimat action verb dan past tense

Jawaban 1:

Kalimat Action verb :
1. I play basketball every weekend
2. He walks into the door
3. He try to reach the ball on the tree

Kalimat past tense : 
1. I ate banana yeterday
2. I went to jogja with my family last week
3. He bought a cup of milk two days erlier

Persamaan simple past & present perfect

Jawaban 1:

Sama sama merupakan absolute relative tenses dimana sebuah kalimat terdiri dari lebih dari satu keterangan waktu.

Jawaban 2:

Sama-sama menceritakan tentang masa lampau

Sintia:happy birthday! ryan:oh...sintia! surprising! thank you very much, eome in
sintia:thank you .it is for you ( hands a pack of gift )
ryan:thank you
sintia:do not mention it
ryan:well, you looked, beautiful with the green pol kadot  dress
sintia:thank you my mother made it for me one year ago
ryan:may I open it ( hold the gift pack )
sintia:sure I hope you like it
ryan:wow, it is very nice, a grey sweater you made it by your self?
sintia:yes I  did I made it for two weeks
ryan:a nice birthday gift live ever got once thank you very much
sintia:you`re welcome

1.where does the conversation take place?
2.what is the purpose of sintia coming to ryan house?
3.what does kind of cloth sintia wear?
4.what is the thing insede the pack?
5.what thing made the gift so special?

Jawaban 1:

1.in birthday party
2.to attend a birthday party and give gifts to ryan
3.green pol kadot  dress
4.a grey sweater
5.as made ​​by sintia

Jawaban 2:

. mana percakapan terjadi? rumah. apa tujuan dari sintia datang ke rumah ryan? mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun. apa jenis kain sintia memakai pakaian?. apa hal insede pak?. apa hal membuat hadiah begitu istimewa? karena teman-teman saya datang ke pesta

maaff ya kalauu slh and ada yang tidak ada jwabannya 

Minta sarannya untuk teks deskripsi, bangunan sejarah di indonesia yang terkenal itu apa saja  ?

Jawaban 1:


Dialog drama 5 orang tentang expressing anger/annoyance/embarrassment?

Jawaban 1:

expressing embarrassment
i am embarrassed, i feel ashamed, oh my god, shame on me, i don't think comfortable, i feel awkward, it's my ambarrassment to, that's a real embarrassment
i'm annoyed, i had enough with it, i can't stand it, i'm fed up with it, i can't bear it any longer, you made me annoyed, you are such pain in the neck, you made me sick

semoga membantu ^_^

If she ______ (wear) her red dress, I would wear my red tees

Jawaban 1:


semoga membantu (y)

Jawaban 2:

Will wear

#smga membantu :)