Contoh Narrative Text Kebudayaan Daerah Riau?please

Contoh narrative text kebudayaan daerah riau?please

Jawaban 1:

The Lancang

Once upon a time there was a story,
in Kampar area in ancient times
the Lancang live with his mother. They live with the very poor. They both
work as farm laborers.
To improve his life, then Si Lancang intend to leave. One day he asked permission from the mother and teacher ngajinya. His mother was advised that in the future shoreline Si Lancang always remember the mother and hometown. His mother advised that Si Lancang not be a rebellious child.
The Lancang had promised his mother that. Her mother was moved when Si Lancang worship knees to ask for blessings. His mother was a pack of lumping membekalinya dodak, pastry passion Si Lancang.
After years abroad, was very lucky Si Lancang. He became a wealthy merchant. It has dozens of merchant ships. Dikhabarkan he has seven wives. They all came from a wealthy merchant family. While his mother, still living in Kampar in very poor circumstances.
One day, sailing to Andalas Si Lancang. In a voyage that he brings to seven wives.Together they brought too fancy supplies and tools in the form of musical entertainment. When docked in Kampar, musical instruments were sounded boisterous. Meanwhile, silk and various ornaments of gold and silver held. Overall it was prepared to give the impression of luxury and wealth Si Lancang.
The news coming Lancang heard by his mother. With compassion, he rushed to greet her only child was. Because the poor, he wore only an old cloth shawl, sarong kebaya worn and patched. With courage he climbed into his luxury boat deck Si Lancang.
As soon as his mother claims he is Si Lancang, no one sailor ever believe it. With the ballpark he drove the old lady. But she did not budge. He insisted to be reunited with his son Si Lancang. The situation caused a commotion.
Hearing the commotion on deck, Si Lancang accompanied by his wife went to seventh place. How shocked she was when I saw that ragged women who expelled it is his mother. Lancang's mother said, "How dare you ... my son! Oh ... what a heart miss you Mother. Hearing the greeting, with congkaknya Lancang dismissed. Even this rebellious son yelled," Where could I have a poor woman like your mother.Sailor! kick this crazy woman. "
This poor mother finally came home, devastated. Arriving at home, then he took his inheritance. Heritage in the form of rice and a mortar pestle nyiru. While praying, the mortar was played-swivel and dikibas-kibaskannya nyiru inheritance. He also said, "my Lord ... punish the child's disobedience."
In a flash, come down a hurricane. The storm was blowing so fierce that in an instant to destroy merchant ships owned by Si Lancang. Not only the ship was shattered, his possessions are also flying everywhere. Silk fabric floated and fell into the country Fold Fabrics located in Kampar Kiri. Gong was thrown into a river Kampar Kanan and Oguong. Tembikarnya drifted into Pasubilah. While Si Lancang mast of the ship was thrown up to a lake called Lake Si Lancang.

Pertanyaan Terkait

create chained conditional sentences of type 2 (10 sentences). continue the previous sentence with all the things in your dreams.

Jawaban 1:

If I knew you, I would marry you
If I married you, I would be happy
If I were happy, I would build a house
If I built a house, I would live together with you
If I lived together with you, I would have a nice dream
If I had a nice dream, I would dream about you
If I dreamed about you, I would live happily
If I lived happily, I would do everything for you
If I did everything for you, I would do whatever you want
If I did whatever you want, I would die together with you soon

Judul yang cocok untuk pidato bahasa inggris tema korupsi apa ya?

Jawaban 1:

The biggest corupption

Teman2, tolong jelaskan pelajaran bahasa inggris mengenai NOUN CLAUSE, saya kurang mngerti. terimakasih sebelumnya :)

Jawaban 1:

Noun clause itu dimana seluruh kalimatnya bisa jadi subjek ataupun objek. 
Contohnya: I learned that the serum was made from poison taken from a snake. 
That diatas berfungsi sebagai tanda bukti kalau kalimatnya  bisa jadi subjek atau objek

Jawaban 2:

Noun clause adalah sebuah kalimat yang yang bergantung pada kalimat yang lain. Noun clause tidak dapat berdiri sendiri karena dia belum memiliki makna yang lengkap atau biasa dikatakan dependent clause. Ada beberapa macam kata yang biasa dipakai pada noun clauses seperti when, why, whom, where, how, what, whose, dan which.

Contoh kalimat past tanse dan present tense yang nominal

Jawaban 1:

I was in production house last month :)

What is the differenceof the wish and hope? And what is no formula & pattern??

Jawaban 1:

“Hope”  diterapkan dalam sebuah kalimat sebagai ”sesuatu yang benar-benar diharapkan akan menjadi sebuah hal nyata/positif”.

“Wish” digunakan untuk sesuatu yang sama sekali tidak akan terjadi. Maksudnya adalah kita ”berharap” tapi ”berharap hal yang kita maksudkan tidak menjadi sebuah kenyataan”. Dengan bahasa lugas diasosiasikan bahwa ”wish” lebih bermakna sebagai sebuah hal negatif atau istilah ”harapan palsu”.

Perhatikan contoh kalimat berikut.
Contoh :
I hope that she will give me a call tonight.
(kalimat ini berarti bahwa saya benar-benar mengharapkan dia menelpon nanti malam).

I wish that she can give me a call tonight.
(kalimat ini bermakna saya berharap dia tidak menghubungiku malam ini)

Berikan contoh dari conditional sentence? jelaskan!

Jawaban 1:

 conditional sentence itu semacam kalimat pengandaian, misalnya jika saya kaya maka saya akan membeli mobil.

ada 3 bentuk CS :

Type 1 : yang pasti terjadi (likely to happen), bentuk / struktur kalimatnya :
If + S + Verb 1 (Simple Present) + S + Future Tense (will + V1) + O
If + S + is / am / are (tobe) + adjective (kt.sifat) + S + Future Tense
Ex: If i have much money, i will buy a car
If i am rich, i will buy a motorcycle

Type 2 : diharapkan terjadi sekarang namun kenyataannya tidak terjadi, struktur kalimatnya:

If + S + Verb 2 (Past Tense) + s + Would + Verb 1
If + S + were + adj. / noun (kata sifat / benda) + S + Would + Verb 1

Ex : If i were a boy, i think i could understand
If only i could turn back time, i would stay for the night
If i were rich, i would buy a car

Type 3: semacam penyesalan (hal yang tak mungkin terjadi karena waktunya sudah lewat), bentuk kalimat :

If + S + past perfect + s + Past perfect future (would / could have + V3)
Ex : If Zakki had studied hard, he would have passed the test

Bantu saya lagi dong tentang naoun phrase: 1. the tourist bought (wonderful-new-a-batik-javanese)
2. (dutch-pretty-young-tall-the-girls-white) are learning indonesia dances
3. the rich man has collected (indonesian-old-silver-many-coins)

Jawaban 1:

1. a new wonderful javanese batik
2. the pretty tall young white dutch girl
3. many old silver Indonesian coins

Jawaban 2:

1. the tourist bought a wonderful new javanese batik.
2.the pretty tall youngwhite dutch girl.
3.many old Indonesian silver coins. 
semoga membantu :)

Kalimat pada expression of care itu apa aja ?

Jawaban 1:

U adalah kata atau huruf yang biasa di gunakan setiapa hari contoh uang ,ujang,ubi,ular

Jawaban 2:

Drink of medicineee......................

Apa bedanya who,whom,whose dan penggunaannya pada kalimat tanya?  

Jawaban 1:

Who digunakan kalimat untuk bertanya begitupun whom
dan whose digunakan sebagai kata kerja

Jawaban 2:

Beda pada verb 1 atau verb 2 nya aja

semoga membantu :)

If she ______ (wear) her red dress, I would wear my red tees

Jawaban 1:


semoga membantu (y)

Jawaban 2:

Will wear

#smga membantu :)