Change Into Adjective Clause 1. The Girls Are Playing A Volly BallI Will Meet Then There2. The Cars Are

Change into adjective clause 1. the girls are playing a volly ball
I will meet then there

2. the cars are being washed by them
they are expensive

3. the boy looks sadly
his wallet losy yesterday

4. the woman explains something
I likem he very much

Jawaban 1:

1. The girls, that playing volley ball will be meet by me
2. The cars, that expensive are being washed by them
3. The boy who lost his wallet, looks sad
4. I like the woman who explains something 

maap klo ada yang salah...

Pertanyaan Terkait

Buatlah contoh pecakapan bahasa inggris tentang pemesanan meja di restoran..

Jawaban 1:

A: Good afternoon
b: Good afternoon, can I help you?
A: I would like to reserve a table, for tomorrow afternoon?
b: yes, it could. for how many people?
A: I would like to reserve a table for lunch two people!
B: Yes sir, tomorrow daytime table number five
A: Thank you.

Jawaban 2:

A: i want to ask permission
B: yes of course
A: two days there will be an event in my home, can i order 2 pieces of table
B: of course may be happy
A: ok i'll wait for tomorrow
B: okay, thank you've booked a table here
A: you're welcome

Pengertian kalimat langsung dan tidak langsung serta contohnya dalam bahasa ingris

Jawaban 1:

Kalimat langsung merupakan kalimat yang dikutip dari perkataan seseorang tanpa merubah kata-kata. sedangkan kalimat tidak langsung merupakan kalimat penyampaian apa yang diucapkan seseorang didalamnya ada perubahan kata-kata tapi tidak merubah maksud.

Contoh 1. 
K. Langsung           : Andi will say "They are studying hard"
K. Tak Langsung    : Andi will say that they are studying hard 

Contoh 2.
K. Langsung            : He said "I will come with her"
K. Tak Langsung     : He had said that he will come with her

Jawaban 2:

Kalimat langsung itu melalui percakapan/dialog

 Arrange the following jumble word become a good sentence! After that, please change it into conditional type 1, 2, 3 and give the meaning of conditional type 2 and type 3 !

1.Will-Zuma’s game-Her sister-a laptop-If-she-(has)-it-play-to-(use).

2.Very-money-(need)-If-I-him-(give)-will-a lot of-my ATM.

Jawaban 1:

Will-Zuma’s game-Her sister-a laptop-If-she-(has)-it-play-to-(use).
.....-game zuma- saudara perempuannya-sebuah laptop-....-perempuan-punya-benda-bermain-untuk-memakai

Jawaban 2:

1. She will use a laptop to play Zuma's game if her sister has it (Type 1)
Conditional Type 2 = She would use a laptop to play Zuma's game if her sister had it.
Meaning = She doesn't use a laptop to play Zuma's game, because she don't have it.
Conditional Type 3 = She would have used a laptop to play Zuma's game if her sister had had it.
Meaning = She didn't use a laptop to play Zuma's game, because her sister didn't have it.

2. I will give him a lot of money if very need my ATM (i've some problem rearrange that jumbled sentence, but i'll give you the answer soon)

Buat kalimat bahasa inggris "headlight"

Jawaban 1:

A headlight n a park due to the rain storm broke

Jawaban 2:

a headlight in a park do to the rain storm broke

Tolong bikinin dialog bahasa inggris tentang global warming dong? mohon bantuannya ya^^

Jawaban 1:

Helmi : Retno, what do you think is the best action to reduce global warming?
Retno : I think everyone should start changing their way of life.
Helmi : What do you mean?
Retno : Well, we have to start to do what we can, to help reduce global warming.
Helmi : What do you suggest that we should do?
Retno : Well, there are lots of things that we can do. We should start saving electricity, start recycling things, start using public transport means, buying and consuming as much as we need only, etc. Basically, just save anything that we can.
Helmi : Wow! You know a lot of things about reducing global warming. Where did you learn all of that from?
Retno : Well, I read newspapers, magazines, and also search for information in the internet.  Actually, I want to inform what I’ve learned to everyone so that everybody can start helping to save our mother nature.
Helmi : You’re so awesome. How about if you write it in our school magazine next month?
Retno : That’s a great idea. I’ll do that.

Put the superlative form of adjective  the following 1/ funny
2. beautiful
3. good
4. bad
5. big
6, delicious
7. large
8. difficult
9. busy
10. expensive

Jawaban 1:

1. Fun - funnier - the funniest
    Fun - more fun - the most fun
Peter is funny, he is even funnier than Jane. In fact he is the funniest guy I know.
The party was fun, but last week party was more fun. The party Ben threw last year was the most fun, though.

2. beautiful - more beautiful - the most beautiful
3. good - better - the best
4. bad - worse - the worst
5. big - bigger - the biggest
6. delicious - more delicious - the most delicious
7. large - larger - the largest
8. difficult - more difficult - the most difficult
9. busy - busier - the busiest
10. expensive - more expensive - the most expensive

Berikan saya penjelsan ttg simple present tense ™

Jawaban 1:

Simple present tense menjelaskan tentang diwaktu lampau
ditandai dengan yesterday , once upon a time , ..... ago
dibarenge dgn verb2

Jawaban 2:

Simple Present Tense adalah bentuk waktu yang digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu perbuatan atau kegiatan yang berlangsung/terjadi pada waktu sekarang dalam bentuk sederhana, kegiatan atau pekerjaan yang dilakukan berulang-ulang, kebiasaan sehari-hari, peristiwa atau perbuatan yang tidak ada kaitannya dengan waktu, dan untuk mengekspresikan kebenaran umum.

Contoh :
-Active : I call my best friend
-Passive : I am called by my best friend

Minta contoh "simple speech" dong, jadi speech yang bertujuan untuk mengajak orang lain melakukan sesuatu. Dalam bahasa inggris pastinya.

Jawaban 1:

We live on earth in different types of surroundings. This surrounding is our environment. We eat, breathe, clothe ourselves, reproduce and then die. The next generation comes and the cycle goes on; and the human race flourishes on earth.

The physical environment on the earth provides favorable conditions for the existence and growth of different life forms, including man. These living beings constitute the biological environment. Bothe the physical and biological environments are in a close interaction with each other and form a stable self perpetuating system.

In prehistoric days man lived in harmony with nature but in the course of his evolution man has developed a new type of environment, the man-made environment. Man is a social animal; the socio-cultural environment also plays an important role in his life.There are three types of environments i.e. natural, man-made and social environment.

The environment is constantly changing and this affects life on earth; some these effects can be lasting and irreversible. So we must realize that we should be concerned about environment

Jawaban 2:

A:please eat this food ...!
b: no problem

Contoh naskah drama tentang dongeng binatang atau dongeng lain seperti snow white,dll untuk 5 orang dalam bahasa inggirs?

Jawaban 1:

Snow white
jack and the beenstall

Bahasa inggris nya "hidup ini hanya sekali, dan menjelang kematian itu hanya sepersekian detik saja"

Jawaban 1:

This life only once, and it was only a fraction dying seconds

Jawaban 2:

"This life only once, and it was only a fraction dying seconds"


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