Buatlah Masing-masing 3 Kalimatyang Menggunakan Either(or) Dan Neither(nor) Dlm Bahasa Inggris! ^tolong

Buatlah masing-masing 3 kalimat yang menggunakan either(or) dan neither(nor) dlm bahasa inggris! ^tolong dibantu yaaa..

Jawaban 1:

I like pop music
answer : neither do i or
i am not crazy about Sundanese
answer : i am not either

Jawaban 2:

like pop music
answer : neither do i or
i am not crazy about Sundanese
answer : i am not either

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Jelaskan dan sebutkan contoh tenses

Jawaban 1:

  Tenses adalah bentuk kata kerja dalam bahasa Inggris yang perubahannya tergantung pada waktu dan sifat kejadian tertentu pada suatu kontek kalimat. 

-Farmers in Jati Bali grow rice crops twice a year. (Petani-petani di Jati Bali bercocok tanam padi dua kali setahun).

Jawaban 2:

Present tense adalah suatu bentuk kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menyatakan fakta, kebiasaan, kejadian, kegiatan, aktivitas dan sebagainya yang terjadi pada saat ini. Rumusnya:
 Positif : S + V1 (s/es)
Negatif  : S + DO/DOES + NOT + V1
 Tanya : DO/DOES + S + V1
Contoh :
(+) he drinks milk
(- ) he doesn’t drink milk
(?) does he drink milk ?

Past tense merupakan tense yang digunakan untuk menyatakan peristiwa yang telah “Lampau”.
 Rumusnya :
Positif : S + V2
 Negative : S + did + not + V1
Tanya  : Did + S + V1
 (+) He bought a pair of shoes yesterday
(- ) He didn’t buy a pair of shoes yesterday
(?) Did he buy a pair of shoes yesterday ?

Future tense bentuk waktu yang digunakan untuk untuk menyatakan perbuatan atau peristiwa yang akan Terjadi.
 Positif  : S + will + V1
 Negative : S + will + not + V1
Tanya  : Will + S + V1
Contoh :
 (+) He wiil go to Bandung tomorrow
 (- ) He will not go to Bandung tomorrow
(?) Will he go to Bandung tomorrow ?

Sebutkan 10 contoh regular verb dan 10 contoh iregular verb !
Tolong di jawab ya.. Makasi..

Jawaban 1:

Regular Verb ( kata kerja beraturan )
abase, bake, closed, die, escape, face, improve, invite, like, note

Irregular Verb ( kata kerja tak beraturan )
abide, bring, buy, cut, draw, lose, may, put, read, quit

Suppose your teacher is going to start the lesson.
what instruction does he/she usually say?

Jawaban 1:

instructions that he often said was be quiet, listen and ask questions if you are not tahu.kerjakan if you already understand. If you do not understand let's listen to the explanations of the teacher.

semoga membantu y!!!

Jawaban 2:

Kids prepare your book we will begin today's lesson

mesin hidrolik pengangkat mobil memiliki luas pengisap masing masing1000cm dan 2cm agar dapat mengangkat mobil yang beratnya 15 000 N besar gaya harus di berikan pengisap kecil adalah...

Jawaban 1:

Diket A1=2cm2=2x10^-4, A2=1000cm2=0,1m2,  F2=15000

F1/A1= F2/A2
F1= F2xA1/A2

Tolong buatkan dong percakapan b.indonesia minimal 30 dengan jumlah orang 5 orang yang menyakup : ~ Asking for service or thing
~ asking and giving opinion
~ Like and dislike
~ Agree or Disagree
~ phone call
terima kasih

Jawaban 1:

Susan : Hi ambar, what are you doing?

ambar : i am making a plan for the next month holiday.

Susan : What? You make a plan for the holiday. So, you always have activities on holiday?

ambar : Of course. My family always makes a plan for our holidays.

Susan : Really? That is very enjoyable. By the way, what did you do on the last holiday?

ambar : We went to a very beautiful island. it’s located in the northern part of our country. There we saw a very wonderful view. How about you? What do you usually do on holiday?

Susan : i don’t do anything. Every holiday, i usually go to my grandmother in the village. That’s all i do because my parents are very busy.

ambar : Why are they busy?

Susan : They never have time for me. They are always busy doing their jobs.

ambar : How if you come with my family to spend your holiday?

Susan : i am afraid, my parents will not allow me. They must send me to my grandmother’s house.

ambar : i think, they do that because they love you and there will be your grandmother who will take care of you.

Susan : May be like that. Let’s go to canteen. i am very starving.

ambar : Let’s go. i am also starving.

Tolong dong buatkan 20 kata kata will dan 10 kata be going to thx ya :)

Jawaban 1:

- I will study tomorrow-I will sleep tomorrow-they will sleep on the floor until the commander is arrive-you will stand in front of the door for an hour-the teacher will punish you if you do something bad-I will never let you destroy my masterpiece-She will eat dinner after studying-we will going to go to the swimming pool this afternoon-They shall destroy our country if we behave like this-we will study together at ruu's housedan lain-lain, buat aja kata, ga terlalu susah kok tinggal ngikutin rumus aja
S+will/shall+v1-you are going to go to the international fleet tomorrow-we are going to study for exam next week.-I am going to study today-they are going to eat dinner together-she is going to the airport tomorrow-ender is going to prevent formics invading the world-I am going to punch her-we are going to the swimming pool tomorrow-I am going to the courses this afternoon-we are going to do some practices at hallgomen kalo ada beberapa yang salah/w/

Jawaban 2:

Will you please be quiet? I'm trying to concentrate.
Will you shut the door, please? 
will visit Jakarta next year (kemungkinan).
 I'm going to visit Jakarta next year on January (terencana).
 My father will arrive soon from New York if the flight is not cancelled (pengandaian).
My father is going to arrive from new york.
He's on the plane now (kepastian).


Buatkan dialog tentang rencana setelah lulus dari smp minimal 100 kata

Jawaban 1:

A: Hey, B.
B: Oh, hi there.
A: It's almost graduation, huh?
B: Yeah.. Time flies so quickly, doesn't it?
A: Yep.. So, say.. Which high school will you go to?
B: Umm.. I'm not very sure yet, but my mother suggested that I go to SMA X. She said the school offers many advantages for students.
A: Sounds promising!
B: How about you?
A: Well, I'm also going to SMA X, actually. So we might be able to stay schoolmates!

Dialog bahasa inggris 2 orang yang terdapat instruksi

Jawaban 1:

  UNIT 1 IN THE HOSPITAL Patient   :   Good morning, Doctor.

Doctor   :   Good morning, Mr. Govind, Sit down. You usually drop
                   in after 7 p.m. You’re rather early today!

Patient   :   Yes doctor. I couldn’t bear the pain so I had to meet you immediately,

Doctor   :   Tell me how you feel. Where does it hurt?

Patient   :   Doctor, I have this terrible pain on my left side and my back.                     My mouth is dry and I fed nauseous, I throw up whatever I eat.

(Doctor takes the patient’s temperature)
Doctor   :   Your temperature is normal. Have you been drinking?
                   (tests his heartbeat with the stethoscope)

Patient   :   Yes doctor. A little more than usual. You see these
                   endless official sales dinners expect one lo be sociable.

(Doctor makes the patient lie down and checks his stomach)

Doctor   :   Your liver is slightly enlarged. Let me see your eyes.
                   Yes, your eyes too are discoloured -slightly yellow.

Cara buat advertisement baju dalam bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

Come and visit our place. yo'll get something different from here. it's a different clothes. disc : 20%, or BIGSALE! or buy 1 get one FREE,etc

Urutkanlah kalimat berikut dengan benar

Jawaban 1:

Julia always enjoy parties

Jawaban 2:

Julia always enjoy parties ..