Buatkan Dialog 5orang Mengenai Simple Past!

Buatkan dialog 5orang mengenai simple past!

Jawaban 1:

Astri: How was your holiday last week?

Bagas: I went camping to Tawangmangu

Astri: That's great. How many friends joined you?

Bagas : There were five people altogether

Astri : How did you go there?

Bagas: I went there by bus

Astri : Did you camp near the waterfall?

Bagas: Yes, it is about a half kilometre. How about you? Did you go somewhere?

Astri : No. I helped my mother sell fruit and vegetables in the market

Bagas: Really? Great!

Maaf cuma 2 orang ^_^

Pertanyaan Terkait

Contoh dialog expression suggestion?

Jawaban 1:

I have been usiung asparagus extract ( 2capsules per day in the morning ) on the suggestion of my doctor who is aDO.
This has helped reduce the amount of fluid retention. Seacoast vitamins has consistently had the lowest price for the same brand I was buying at the heralthfood store.

Combine the sentences using : Too, so, or either and neither 1. Dogs can't eat vegetables. Cats can't eat vegetables
2. We haven't eaten yet. Father hasn't yet
3. Mitha is not seventeen years old. I am not seventeen years old

Jawabannya yang Jelas ya :)

Jawaban 1:

1. Dogs can't eat vegetables. Neither can cats
2. We haven't eaten yet. Father hasn't either
3. Mitha is not seventeen years old. I am not either

setau aku begitu aja sih udah betul. mudah-mudahan membantu ya:)

Berikan 5 kalimat giving instruction

Jawaban 1:

Aku tulis dalam procedural text, how to make omelete
first,crack the eggs
after that beat the eggs
an then mix it with a salt or meat
after that cook it in a hot plate
finaly eat the eggs

Apa persamaan dari letter dengan greeting card

Jawaban 1:

Setahu saya kalo letter itu buat menyampaikan sesuatu, tp kalo greeting card itu kartu buat ngucapin selamat ke seseorang

Jawaban 2:

Kalo letter itu surat kalo greeting card itu kartu ucapan
persamaan sama-sama mengucapkan kata-kata lewat tulisan

Sebener nya arti ' I crush on you' apa ya tmn2?

Jawaban 1:

Itu artinya "aku naksir kamu <3"

Jawaban 2:

Aku jatuh cinta padamu

Apa bedanya argumentative paragraph dan persuasif paragraf?

Jawaban 1:

Argumentasi:tujuan untuk yakinin pembaca berisi gagasan,pendapat,tentang suatu masalah

persuasi:bertujuan untuk pembaca melakukan sesuatu

Tlong bntU q menjwb s0al ini iah. . . 1. The passengers (wait) for the departure at 9.00 2. Mr. Daniel (check) his car when I saw him. 3. Father (take) a nap at 3.00 this afternoon 4. Emillia (play) piano while I (practice) singing

Jawaban 1:


Jawaban 2:

Waited, checked, took, played, practiced

Contoh memo dalam bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

To : Ali Zafran, S.Pd.From : Muhammad Genta, M.Pd.Date : June 21st, 2013Subject : Data of School Budget Plan
In the next three weeks, we will make a special meeting with the parents. The meeting will discuss the plan management for the school budget. We must give a correct understanding of the funds in details. It is a must because the funds come from parents which will be used for a school construction. I personally hope you can make the data in detail. Your data is based on the financial report for the last six months.

Jawaban 2:

Memo (6/7/09)
To : All Lab. Staff
From : Dr. Big, Lab. Director
Re : Lab Errors

Stop making errors immediately. Be more careful when performing tests and when entering data. all of you need to go to keyboard training to learn how to type. for the sake  of our patients, do a better job. You all don't know what you are doing.

Bagaimana cara melatih lidah agar terbiasa mengucapkan b. ing?

Jawaban 1:

Latihan mengeja, membaca, dan berbicara

Jawaban 2:

1.rajin berlatih sambil ngomong bahasa inggris,
2. sering nonton film hollywood , trus ikutin cara bicaranya , (kalo liat jgn yg ada dubbingnya)

__------ semoga bermanfaat-----__

Contoh-contoh conjunction dalam recount text?

Jawaban 1:

Conjunction itu kata hubung, ex : but, or, when, if, for, and, because.
coba aja dibuat kalimat

Jawaban 2:

Conjunction itu sama aja kayak konjungsi the example are 
semoga mebantu,klik jawaban terbaik yaa