Bahasa Inggris Dari Tumbuhan Memerlukan Cahaya Untuk BerfotosintesisTanpa Cahaya / Matahari Tumbuhan

Bahasa inggris dari tumbuhan memerlukan cahaya untuk berfotosintesis
tanpa cahaya / matahari tumbuhan tidak bisa berfotosintesiis

Jawaban 1:

Plants need light to photosynthesize 
without light / solar plants can not photosynthesize

Jawaban 2:

Plants need light to photosynthesize without light / solar plants can not photosynthesize

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Tolong bikinin resep bolu dari bahasa inggris ..

Jawaban 1:

Resep Kue Bolu Pandan

Bahan :
- 150 gram tepung terigu
- 125 gram mentega, lelehkan
- 125 gram gula pasir
- 4 lembar daun pandan
- 2 lembar daun suji
- 2 butir telur
- 1/2 bungkus vanili
- 1/2 sendok teh baking powder
Cara Membuat :
Campur gula pasir, telur dan vanili menjadi satu, setelah itu kocok dengan mixer hingga mengembang.Daun pandan dan daun suji diblender atau ditumbuk hingga halus, kemudian beri sedikit air, lalu peras dan ambil sarinya, sisihkan terlebih dahulu.Tuang tepung terigu dan mentega yang telah dilelehkan ke dalam aonan di atas, kemudian kocok dengan mixer hingga rata. Setelah itu masukkan baking powder.Campurkan air larutan daun pandan dan daun suji dengan susu kental, aduk dan tuang kedalam adonan kue.Panggang ke dalam oven dengan suhu 180 derajat celcius atau kira-kira setengah jam hingga matang.Angkat dan dinginkan, kemudian potong-poting sesuai selera.Kue bolu pandan siap untuk dihidangkan.Bolu Pandan Cake Recipe 

Bahasa inggrisnya :

- 150 grams of wheat flour 

- 125 grams of butter, melted 

- 125 grams of sugar 

- 4 pieces of pandan leaves 

- 2 leaves suji 

- 2 eggs 

- 1/2 packs of vanilla 

- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 

How to Make: 

Mix sugar, eggs and vanilla into one, after it beat with a mixer until fluffy. 
And pandan leaves suji leaves or ground in a blender until smooth, then give a little water, then squeeze and take the juice and set aside in advance. 
Pour the flour and butter that has been melted into aonan above, then beat with mixer until blended. Then enter the baking powder. 
Mix a solution of water and pandan leaves suji with condensed milk, stir and pour into the cake batter. 
Bake in the oven with a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, or roughly half an hour until cooked. 
Remove and let cool, then cut into poting according to taste. 
Pandan sponge cake ready to serve.

Jawaban 2:

Steamed Chocolate Cake Recipe Bolu

cake Cake Recipe and How to Make Bolu
ingredients :

- 200 grams of butter , melt over medium heat

- 100 grams of sugar

- 100 grams of wheat flour

- 50 grams of cocoa powder

- 10 grams 0valet / softener cake

- 5 chicken eggs

- 1/2 cans of sweetened condensed milk chocolate

- Strawberry jam to taste

How to Make :

    Whisk sugar , eggs and ovalet at high speed until fluffy . Then enter the flour, cocoa powder and sweetened condensed milk , stirring until blended .
    Then enter the butter has melted , and mix again until blended . Then pour the mixture into a square pan that has been greased before.
    Steam over medium heat for 30 minutes , or waiting until cooked , remove from heat and let cool .
    Remove the cake from the mold , and then split the cake into two sections with a flat . After that spread with strawberry jam on the bottom, then cover again with another piece of cake .
    Cut the cake according to taste .
    Steamed chocolate sponge cake ready to be served

semoga membantu :)

Sebutkan bagian-bagian bunga mawar dalam bahasa inggris beserta artinya. ditunggu jawabannya

Jawaban 1:


My name is andre. I am fourteen years old. I have a little brother. His name is andy. He is four years youngers than me. Two days ago Andy had a 1_______. My mother tried to lower the fever by giving him some 2_______. However,the next day, his fever had still not gone down. So she took Andy to the 3______. In the hospital,the doctor 4_______ Andy. Then he said that Andy had 5_______. My mother was very worried my father tried to calm her down because Andy's 6_______ was not very bad. "There is still hope," said the doctor to my mother. Every day, the doctor 7______ Andy and gave him the proper 8_____ and medicine. Finally a week after, Andy's fever had gone down. The doctor told us that the critical time had passed and Andy could go home as soon as possible.  

Jawaban 1:

1. fever
2. medicine
3. hospital
4. examine
5. typhoid
6. condition
7. check
8. treatment

Jawaban 2:

1. fever
2. medicane
3. hospital
4. check
5. scarlet fever
6. disease
7. treating
8. drug

i'm sorry if my answer is wrong. i just a ordinary people

Isilah garis kosong dibawah ini sesuai dengan kata-kata yang ada dikolom dengan tepat. .......... belibis
A five star hotel with city ....... and ........ view
Promotion package during .......
                   only .......
      Includes 1X      ........
                    2X      dinner
       free to use our facilities
       such as : ........


    SWIMMING POOL                       BREAKFAST                         RP 750.000,00
    SPA CENTRE                              VIEW                                   FITNESS CENTRE
     BEACH                                        WEEK DAYS                       HOTEL

Jawaban 1:

Hotel belibis
A five star hotel with city view and beach view
Promotion package during week days
                   only Rp.750.000
      Includes 1X      breakfast
                    2X      dinner
       free to use our facilities
       such as : swimming pool
                     spa centre
                     fitness centre

Jawaban 2:

Hotel belibis.
A five star hotel with city view and beach view.
Promotion package during week days.
                   only Rp 750.000,00
      Includes 1X    breakfast
                    2X   dinner
        free to use our facilities
        such as: swimming pool
                      spa center
                      fitness center

Sebutkan 5 iklan 5 pengumuman 5 peringatan 5 pesan dalam bahasa inggris

Jawaban 1:

Iklan: 1.wear this foam and your face will clean from oil 2.wear this clothes and you will look cool 3.eat this burger....LOVE FAT 4.waer this make up and you will look beautifull 5.drink this you will feel like you fly pengunguman:attention please tomorrow wear white and blue uniform.attention please go to field.attention for anna your mother is waiting in class 7.attention we find some money is that yours.attention please go with the guide. peringtan:dont dare you look at him.dont to close with him.dont eat that strawberry thats poison.dont look at me.dont yelling. pesan:please tell him im here.dont tell him im here.please tell him i borrow this.dont tell him i borrow this.please tell him to check her phone. maaf klo kurang jelas

Tolong buatkan teks introdiction yg mudah dipahami.

Jawaban 1:

Hello guys and Good Morning. I would like to introduce myself, please allow me to. First of all, My name is...., I am (umur) years old, I live at(kalo rumah pake at, daerah baru pake in), I was born in...., My Hobby is(kalo hobbynya dua atau lebih ganti isnya jadi are karena jamak). Maybe That's all I can say. Lastly, Thank you for your attentions, and Good day Guys!

Jawaban 2:

I want to introduce my self……….!!!
My name is GERALD DEMON My family call me GERALD I am came from Masohi I live at Batas Kota I am fourti years old, and I am hundred fourty cm tall My mother name is SELVI ISAAZ My father name is HERAD DEMON I have one sisther My hobby is a soccer and play station 2 Ok,….! think enough for my intruducing.

Tolong buatin contoh asking and giving fact
tolong ya,,, minimal 5

Jawaban 1:

a. May i borrow your pen?
b. May i lend your money
c. May i ask your  a piece of paper on your books?
d. Can you give me your books?
e. Can you buy a cake for me?
f.  Can i ask your photos?

giving fact:
a. Wow. your book is very nice. 
b. Wow, I think if your laptop is nice
c. Your Friend is very good
d. Wow. this school is so nice
e. Wow. you have good house

a. I remind if your house is not big, but your house is small
b. I think, your table is not clean, but your table is dirty
c. I think, this pool is not small, but this pool is big
d. I think if you not smart, but you are good friend.
e. I remind if this house is not big, but this house is small


Jawaban 1:

1. a room that filled with poisonous gas
2. actually in refinery we must always be clean before leaving the refinery

Apa bhs.inggris dari:berjuanglah pasti kamu bisa!!,,.

Jawaban 1:

You can certainly strive    "berjuanglah pasti kamu bisa ! "

Jawaban 2:

You Certainly can strive

Contoh descriptive text tentang sekolah 500 kata

Jawaban 1:

SAKURA HIGH SCHOOL               
Morning my friends. I will to tell you about my school.For now, I am school in senior high school. My school is one of favorite school in Badung. The name is SMA N 1 Kuta Utara, and the address at Made Bulet Street, number 19, Dalung. I need about 10 minutes to drive from my home.My school not big and not small, but is nice and clean.  My school has 2 parkings area. The one is in front of my school. The name is Basket parking, because in this place also for playing basket. And the second is beside my school. The name is Duck parking. Until now, I don’t know why everyone say this place with name Duck Parking.Ok next. If you come in my school, you will  meet a Ganesha Stove in front of my school. My school has many classroom. There are 11 rooms for 12 grade, 12 rooms for 11 grade, 12 rooms for 10 grade, and the new room is a Acseleration class. Hmm, my school has 36 classroom. My school has 4 canteens, cooperation, concleting room, Official room,  and TRRC. Teacher and Headmaster room is in front of TRRC room. My school has a auditory. My school has 5 laboratory, such as : Biology Laboratory, Phisyc Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Language laboratory, and IT rooms.My school has one library. When I am bored, I usually come to this place. Don’t think if about me will borrow or read books. I come to there for watching the TV. Hehe :D The Library is beside the UKS rooms. In the school yard there some trees.And it’s all about my school. I think all of you very know abot my school. Because you and me school in the same school. Thank you . Morning