Bagaimana Contoh Kalimat Adjective Clause Dan kalimat Aktif Sama Pasif Nya???

Bagaimana contoh kalimat adjective clause dan  kalimat aktif sama pasif nya???

Jawaban 1:

Hamburger ,which most people love, is not very healthy (active)

The old days when there was no television was remembered by my grandpa (pasive)

Pertanyaan Terkait

Find the english error and explain it IBM has laid off 20 percent of their workforce with a signature on a single piece of paper

Jawaban 1:

Kalau IBM nya singular maka IBM has, dan their diganti dengan its
IBM has laid off 20 percent of its workforce by signing a signature on a single piece of paper
Kalau IBM nya plural maka menjadi IBM have, dan their dipertahankan 
IBM have laid off 20 percent of their workforce by signing a signature on a single piece of paper

Ubahlah menjadi indirect speech! 1. Kiki said '' What's will you buy in the mall?''
2. Mrs. Maria said '' Can you speak englsh well?''
3. Yuda said Tika '' Are you from Surabaya?''

Jawaban 1:

Kalau kalimatnya pertanyaan sebaiknya jangan pakai 'said' tapi pakai 'asked (verb 2 dari ask)', jadinya...
1. Kiki asked me what would I buy in the mall : menggunakan me karena menceritakan kembali
2. Mrs. Maria asked me if I could speak English very well : menggunakan me karena menceritakan kembali
3. Yuda asked Tika if was she from Surabaya : menggunakan she karena menceritakan kembali

semoga membantu :)

Jawaban 2:

1. kiki asked me what would i buy in the mall.
2. Mrs. Maria asked me can i speak English well
3. Yuda asked Tika was she from Surabaya

Bahasa inggrisnya sekarang tanggal lima belas maret

Jawaban 1:

Now the fifteenth of March

Jawaban 2:

Now the fifteen of march

Apa yang membedakan penggunaan was & were dalam past tense..?

Jawaban 1:

Was untuk he,she,it,I
were untuk they,we

Jawaban 2:

Kalau was khusus untuk  i,she,he,it
kalau were untuk you they we
maaf klw slah

A plain country woman was visiting the city for the first time. She went into a very tallbuilding. On the first floor, she saw an old lady standing in front of a door. The door wasclosed, and over the door, there were lights.Then the door opened. The old lady standing in front of the door went inside. Then itclosed. A few minutes later. The door opened again, and a beautiful young womanwalked out ! The country woman thought, ” This is the door to a magic box ! if I go toinside the box, I will be beautiful when I come out”.She waited for the door to open again. Then She walked in. But inside the door, she saw alot of buttons on the wall. And she didn’t know what the buttons to push !. dari anecdot itu, gimna generic structurenya.????
judul anecdot the magic box

Jawaban 1:

She saw an oldd lady was standing(past continuos) the old lady (who ) standing...

Buatlah naskah drama komedi b. inggris dengan pemeran 5 atau 6 orang!

Jawaban 1:

Naughty Rat - Rat - Drama Script

The atmosphere in front of the school on an afternoon after school . Seen a school kid named Derrick bought some peanuts from a bag shop .

He soon returned to rumahnya.Anting Pendan Swarovski Crystals 3D Dome AKS10

Deri home atmosphere . Deri opened his shoes and socks . He just put it in the back door of his house . He then immediately went to his room . His mother saw action Deri .

Mother : ( angry ) " Derrick , do not put your shoes carelessly . Kan , already the mother provide special shelf for storing shoes . "

Derrick : ( wiping sweat from his brow ) " right Deri tired , Mom . Today its sultry taste really. Anyway , right there Surti Bi . "

Mother : " Bi Surti returned home for three days . Anyway , why do you ask Bi Surti ? "

Deri " Surti Bi Usually it is like clearing my shoes . "

Mother : ( annoyed ) " For something like this , you could sense Mrs. ngerjakannya own . "

Derrick : ( immediately took his shoes and socks that had a jumble ) " Aahh ... Mom . "

Deri immediately went into his room . Atmosphere of the room changed to Deri . In the room , there is a small bed , a fan , a desk , and a trash can . Deri lay down on his bed . He threw his bag to the side under the desk. He had not changed his uniform . Then , he turned on the fan.

Derrick : ( while reading a book that he takes from the desk study ) " Ahh ... so it better .... "

Deri unwrapping beans that he bought earlier. He opened one by one and just throw peanut shells under his bed .

Atmosphere of the night . Derrick could not sleep . He heard strange noises .

Ciiitttt ... cit ... cittt .... Deri fear . From under his bed , out of a rat .

Deri shocked . He is most afraid of mice . Not long ago , few rats out from under his bed . Derrick took the broom fibers .

Derrick : ( trying to repel the rats ) " Ukhhh ... disturb it! " ( Hit a rat )

Some rats even approached Deri .

Derrick : ( scared and screaming ) " Mommy, Mommy tolongin Derrick ! "

Mother : ( opening the room door Deri ) "What you really shout ? "

Derrick : ( pale face ) " Mother , many si Jerry ! "

Mother : " Jerry , who 's Jerry ? "

Derrick : ( pointing under his bed ) " mean Deri many small rodents . "

Mother : ( confused ) "Where ? "

Derrick : " It was under the bed Deri !

Deri fear . Derrick does not want to sleep in the room Deri . "

Mother : "Well , tonight you're sleeping with your sister alone . "

Atmosphere the morning . Mom came into the room

Deri . He was surprised to see garbage strewn under the bed Deri .

Mother : ( shouting , his face sullen )

" Derii ... here ! "

Derrick : ( wearing school uniform ) " Yes what is it , Mom ? "

Mother : " Look ! " ( Pointing to garbage strewn ) " You slob all. No wonder a lot of rats in your room . "

Derrick : ( embarrassed and downcast ) " Out of what , then? "

Mother : " Well anyway, even asked . From now on you have to maintain the cleanliness of your room . You do not throw litter again . Kan , already the mother provide the trash in your room ( pointing to the trash ) .

What needs to be Mom made ​​signpost warning here ? "
Derrick : "I could have been . Deri promise not to throw litter again .
Deri cured at the Jerry - Jerry naughty . "
Mother : ( smiles ) " Well, now you go to school . After school , you must clean up your room . "
Derrick : " Well , Mom ! "
Since then , Derrick always maintain the cleanliness of his room .

Contoh paragraf yang menceritakan tentang idolamu (yg menginspirasi), yang didalamnya mengandung kata kerja dan kata sifat (menggunakan bahasa Inggris dengan penggunaan verb ataupun kata bantu yg tepat). =) Mohon bantuannya, thanks =)

Jawaban 1:

My idola is agnes monica
i like her,since i was 8 years old.
Why i like her ?
Because, first she is beautiful and amazing, with good voice.
She like singing dan dancing . So i like her.
She like eat. She is good people . And she is inspiration for me

Jawaban 2:

Sungha Jung is a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. He was born on September 2, 1996 in the South Korean. Usually,  Now, Sungha life in Chung-Ju city. Only after 3 years since he started playing guitar just for fun, one boy surprised Thomas Leeb from Ostria, Martin Taylor from England, Yoko Ono who is the widow of the late John Lennon. Sungha started to play guitar in the beginning of the year 2006.

Apa nama lain dari Verb?

Jawaban 1:

Verb artinya adalah kata kerja atau activity

Jawaban 2:

Verb adalah sebutan untuk kata kerja (kata yang menunjukkan tentang aktivitas seseorang).

 Write the normal sentences of the following headline! 1. Plane shot down over Mediterranian.
2. Election won by surprise candidate.
3. Pop star mobbed by fans at airport.
4. Local residents afraid of eruption.
5 Police investigating suspect.
6. Kris Dayanti successful in concert.
7. Miss world visiting orphanage.
8. President to inspect damaged roads

Jawaban 1:

A plane was shot down over the mediterranian the election was won by a surprise candidate a popstar was mobbed by fans at the airport local residents are/were afraid of the eruption the police are investigating the suspect krisdayanti was succesful in concert miss world are visiting and orphanage the president was to inspect the damaged roads

Tolong dong 2 contoh dialog expression of embarrassment

Jawaban 1:

Dialogue 1 
Dina : Hello,how are you?
Danur : Fine,what are you doing in here?
Dina : Nothing,just waiting for my mom.
Danur : Why you look so upset today?
Dina : Huh,because i fell down in front of the class and everyone was laughed at me.
          What a shame!
Danur : But are you okay?feel sorry to hear that
Dina : I'm okay..

Dialogue 2
Fina : ris,what happen to your face?
Farris : uhm,i got a little accident.When i was walk on the street yesterday,suddenly i
           get slipped by the banana peel.everyone was looking at me and it was so                      embarrased.
Fina :Oh my!but how's your leg right now?
Farris  : it's okay..