Apa Perbedaannya Some Sama Any Dan Penggunaannya Untuk Apa Saja???

Apa perbedaannya some sama any dan penggunaannya untuk apa saja???

Jawaban 1:

Kalo some untuk positive tense kalo any untuk negative tense

Jawaban 2:

Some Kata some memiliki arti beberapa dalam bahasa Indonesia. Jadi jika benda yang kita akan sebutkan lebih dari satu kita dapat menggunakan kata some sebagai penjelasnya. Kata some ini kita letakkan persis di depan kata benda yang akan kita jelaskan jumlahnya. Contoh penggunaannya dalam kalimat adalah: I need some apples for making fruit salad. Jangan lupa untuk menambahkan huruf s di belakang kata benda. Hal ini karena dalam bahasa Inggris setiap benda jamak ditambhakan huruf s. Kecuali untuk kata benda yang tidak dapat dihitung seperti water, oil, dan air. Kata some ini hanya dapat digunakan untuk kalimat positif atau kalimat berita saja. Jadi jangan gunakan kata some jika anda akan membuat suatu kalimat negatif atau kalimat tanya.

Any Dalam bahasa Indonesia any memiliki arti banyak. Namun kata any hanya dapat digunakan dalam kalimat negatif atau kalimat tanya saja. Kata any seperti halnya kata some, juga diletakkan persis di depan kata benda. Contoh kalimatnya adalah: I don’t have any foods to be eaten.Do you have any coffee?Pada kalimat pertama adalah contoh any yang digunakan dalam kalimat negatif. Sedangkan kalimat kedua adalah kata any yang digunakan dalam kalimat tanya. Jangan lupa juga untuk menambahkan huruf s pada setiap kata benda yang dapat dihitung.

Pertanyaan Terkait

Sebutkan jobs,place,and activities 1-30

Jawaban 1:

1. Doctor
2. Teacher
3. Police
4. Nurse
5. Fire Fighter
6. Accountant
7. Judge
8. President
9. Chef
10. Priest
11. Novelist
12. Architect
13. Receptionist
14. Maid
15. Technician
16. Engineer
17. Manager
18. Private Worker
19. MInister
20. Professor
21. Teacher
22. Farmer
23. Artist
24. Singer
25. Tailor
26. Crafter
27. Pilot
28. Housewife
29. Dentist
30. Oculist

1. Park
2. Hospital
3. Bank
4. Police Office
5. Post Office
6. Town Hall
7. Pool
8. Restaurant
9. Hotel
10. Apartment
11. Library
12. Harbour
13. Airport
14. Bakery
15. Spa
16. Mall
17. Market
18. Cafe
19. Laundry
20. Zoo
19. Bookshop
20. Cinema
21. Farmacy
22. University
23. School
24. Factory
25. Mosque
26. Church
27. Shrine
28. Observatory
29. Beach
30. Solar Station

1. Running
2. Reading
3. Sleeping
4. Eating
5. Drinking
6. Washing
7. Studying
8. Playing
9. Praying
10. Doing
11. Walking
12. Going
13. Painting
14. Drawing
15. Erasing
16. Cleaning
17. Sweeping
18. Directioning
19. Asking
20. Talking
21. Listening
22. Making
23. Killing
24. Cooking
25. Licking
26. Sucking
27. Sitting
28. Standing
29. Swimming
30. Relaxing

Jawaban 2:

Gas station, restaurant, drink, eat, sleep, kick, type, write, take, read, nurse, doctor, teacher, engineer, housekeeper, school, manager, salesman, postman, teach, hospital, artist, studio, laboratorium, class, house, athlete, catch, go

Apa artinya stay hungry,stay foolish

Jawaban 1:

tetaplah lapar tetaplah b*doh..
by steve jobs

Jawaban 2:

Tetaplah lapar tetaplah salah

Apa sih , yang ditanyain saat presentase tentang surat kpada audiens????

Jawaban 1:

Jenis2 surat?
manfaat surat?
tujuan surat?
ditunjukkan kepada siapa surat itu mayoritasnya?

Jawaban 2:

When You stand up in front of class to explain something, you can ask to audience like it:
- Any question so far?
- Am I explain so clear?

hope it can help you ^_^,,,

1. Pengertian dan makna kata is dan are beserta pengertiannya lengkap ! 2. Berikan 5 contoh kalimat positif ( is dan are ), 5 contoh kalimat negatif ( is dan are ), dan kalimat introgatif ( is dan are ) LENGKAP !

          Thank You.....

Jawaban 1:

Is dan are adalah tobe untuk kata ganti orang,klo kata orang pertama menggunakan kata is dan kata ganti orang kedua menggunakan kata are

Jawaban 2:

1. pengertian 'is' dan 'are' artinya "adalah"dan termasuk huruf to be(pelengkap)
contoh kalimatnya, sbb
a. (+) She is beautiful
    (-) She isn't ( is not ) beautiful
b. (+) They are handsome
    (-) They aren't ( are not ) handsome 

Untuk kalimat "Apa yang sedang kamu lihat?" bahasa inggris yang betul itu "What do you looking at?" atau "What are you looking at?"

Jawaban 1:

Kelas : VII
pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
kategori : present continuous vs present tense
kata kunci : auxiliary verb, looking

"What do you looking at?" secara gramatikal, kalimat ini salah.
karena ada auxiliary verb "do" yang menunjukkan bentuk present tense.
bila dalam bentuk present tense: what do you LOOK at?

"What are you looking at?" BENAR. karena menggunakan present continuous tense (subject + am/is/are + verb with ing).
tetapi,"what are you looking at" lebih tepat diartikan sebagai "APA YANG SEDANG KAMU LIHAT?" yang berarti, menunjukkan suatu kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung.
sedangkan "what do you look at" artinya "APA YANG KAMU LIHAT". pertanyaan ini menunjukkan suatu kejadian yang terjadi terus-menerus atau kebiasaan.

Untuk kalimat "Apa yang sedang kamu lihat?"
bahasa inggris yang betul itu adalah "What are you looking at?"

Deskripsi tentang ayam,hamster dan kucing ?

Jawaban 1:

Cat = is a cute animal that likes being petted. it is a quite sly creature and very clever. it have a long tail and very flexible 
hamster = hamster's are tiny living being wich is in the same class as rats. but unlike rats, it don't have a digusting long tails and huge arms, instead it have a cute tiny tail and tiny hands 
rooster = an animal that produce eggs. it is mostly found at a chicken farm or such 
-sorry yang ayam aku ga gitu bisa ngejelasin penampilannya

Berikan contoh naskah drama cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris dengan jumlah pemain 7 orang.

Jawaban 1:

Pemeran :

1 . Nurdin
2 . Jono
3 . Norman
4 . Musa
5 . Joni
6 . Luki
7 . Indri

Nurdin, dan enam temannya merupakan remaja yang sangat peduli dengan kondisi kesehatan lingkungannya. Pada suatu hari, Nurdin dan teman-temannya berkumpul disebuah tempat dan mereka membahas tentang prilaku masyarakat yang tidak memiliki kecintaan terhadap kesehatan lingkungan dengan membuang sampah secara tidak beraturan.

Melihat wacana ini, Nurdin dan enam sahabatnya merasa sangat kuatir suatu hari nanti desanya akan menjadi desa yang bermasalah lantaran prilaku warganya yang tidak memperhatikan kebersihan.

Nurdin, and six friends are teenagers who are very concerned with environmental health conditions. One day, Nurdin and friends gather in a place and they discuss about the behavior of people who do not have a love of environmental health with littering carelessly .

Seeing this discourse, Nurdin and his friends were very worried that one day the village would be problematic because of the behavior of rural residents who do not pay attention to hygiene.

Scripts dialog drama
Nurdin :
If people do not have awareness , and throw trash out of place , it seems no longer our village will be flooded.

Jono :
Yes , it's true . The public must have the awareness that it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the village in order to avoid harmful things .

Norman :
It is difficult to be aware of the citizens . You know that we are citizens of this village is quite primitive and the mindset is still very alarming .

Musa :
Yes , that was the condition . If only they were sensitive to their environment , they certainly would not littering .

Joni :
So , what do you think there is the best solution to address this condition ? What should we do to make our kampong residents are more concerned with the health of the environment ?

Luki :
Anyway , you do not have to care about the environment too . However we will not be able to make this village clean , because people are difficult to set .

Indri :
You should not think like that Luki . However we have a responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of our villages , and for that we must be willing to sweat a little , be it by making people conscious , put up signs , or in other ways .

Nurdin :
I agree with your ideas . Should we begin to build awareness of this issue in order not to continue.

Jono :
I also very much agree , but the problem is where do we start ? Do we have to give sanction to residents who do not comply with the rules ?

Norman :
In my opinion , we should make the agenda of such a meeting or dialogue with , and we told the residents that they should be concerned with the health of the environment , and do not throw garbage at will .

Musa :
Good , I agree with that idea . Should we invite people to come together , and we love a little insight about the importance of keeping the environment clean .

Joni :
Okey , if so do you when the time is right for us to make the scheduled meeting ?

Luki :
If I can , I think should be soon. But , try to schedule meetings when they were no vacant time so that all are invited to attend.

Indri :
Yes , I strongly agree . Should we create a meeting agenda as soon as possible , and we will arrange any events that will be discussed at the meeting .

Nurdin :
Okay , tonight I will meet the village chief to notify the agenda before us , and after that I will let you know guys .

Nurdin friends :
Okay , we'll be waiting to hear from you . If you've met with the father of the head of the village , please let us know as soon as possible .

Jawaban 2:

Beauty and the beast

1. Father 
2. Maid 
3. Beauty 
4. Peter 
5. Alice 
6. Beast 
7. Fairy 

Once upon a time, in the village, there is a poor family which lives with the shortage, because of unprofitable business one day, the father wants to go trade. 

Father : My daughters, I want to sell the goods by ship for long time. Take care of each other and our house. Be nice. 

Maid : Don’t worry sir. Your daughter will be all right with me. Just take care of your self ...sir, because there are many pirates in the sea see you soon, sir. 

Beauty : Good bye father. We love you, dad. Be careful, till we meet again 

Peter : Father, you must think us. We need you. 

Father : Okay! Don’t worry about me. I will come back safely. 

Alice : Daddy, don’t forget to bring a lot of money, present and jewelry for me. 

Peter : Yeach, don’t forget for me also 

Father : All right. And you beauty, what do you want for you? 

Beauty : I don’t want anything. Just be safe daddy. 

Father : Okay honey! 

Day, month and year passed them by. Their father never comes yet. In other place, there is something happened with their father. His good was stolen by pirates, and he got injury. And he is unconscious

Bahasa inggris kapak

Jawaban 1:

Bahasa inggrisnya kapak = axe..
maaf kalau salah...

Jawaban 2:


ini jawaban setau saya

Apa arti straight hair dan curly hair

Jawaban 1:

Straight hair = rambut yang lurus
curly hair    = rambut yang keriting
semoga membantu! :)

Jawaban 2:

Straight hair : rambut lurus curly hair : rambut keriting

Tolong deskripsikan ikan mas dalam bahasa inggris minimal 4 paragraf dan mengandung kata "has" dan "it"

Jawaban 1:

I have a goldenfish. i her name hengky seftia. it has a  small body.it also has a gill. i usually feed my fish because i love my fish. it is beautiful .my fish is very active
i love u my golden fish  :* {}