Apa Perbedaan Irregular Verb Dan Regular Verb?

Apa perbedaan irregular verb dan regular verb?

Jawaban 1:

Regular Verb: past tense ditambah d / ed
Irregular Verb: memiliki bentuk khusus untuk past tense nya

Jawaban 2:

Regullar verb ditambah d/ed
sedangkan ireggular verb ada 3 berb yaitu v

Pertanyaan Terkait

Arrange the following jumbled words into correct senteces. 1. uses - butcher - to - knive - cut - meat - the.
2. has - cow - farmer - a - the - field - the - rice - plow - to.
3. his - picture - with - takes - camera - photographer - a - the.
4. a policeman - civilians - protects - the.
5. doctor - helps - take care - a nurse - to - patiens - the.
6. the - write - uses - typewriter - writer - to.
7. sends - by - a - letters - postman - motorcycle.

Jawaban 1:

1. Butcher uses knife to cut the meat
2. The farmer has a cow to plow the rice field
3. The photagrapher takes a picture with his camera
4. A policeman protects the civillians
5. A nurse helps the doctor to take care patients
6. Writer uses the typewriter to write
7. A postman sends letters by motorcycle

Make a simple dialogue using polite manner expressions based on these situations  1.your young brother is watching tv loudly .  you have examination tomorrow .
2.your teacher is bringing many books , she can't close the door . you want to help her to close the door

Jawaban 1:

U = Ma'am could i help you go to close the door.
your teacher = how kind you are thank you so much.

Jawaban 2:

1. You: Nathan, would you mind to decrease the volume please? I have an exam tomorrow. I must read some books. Your brother (Nathan): No problem..
2. You: Miss Axel, you'd like to come in. Let me open the door for you miss. Your teacher (Miss Axel): Yes please. Thank u.

Tolong bantu cari generic structure dan lexico gramatical dari RECOUNT TEXT TERSEBUT?     My Busy Holiday On April 16th, 2010, I thought this would be a great holiday for me because that was the holy day for Hindhu people . I was so tired about the study, so I guessed this time I could get full refresh anyway. However, the fact said the other way.

First like an ordinary daughter, I had to get up early morning helping my mother, of course after I prayed. Then I did my chores, cleaned up my room, and spread out my bed under the sun ray. I was really in danger if my mom knew that my room was messy. So, I made it as soon as possible. Second, my aunts called me in the afternoon. I did not meet them for a long time, that was the way I kept for hours to talk with them. After that, unpredictable my neighbor visited me. She asked my help finishing her homework. At last, the time was running and I just remembered that I had a lot of homework. I got mad, confused and regretful why I did not check my homework before. Therefore, I did my homework until 2:00 a.m. the next morning.

I did not feel this was holiday instead of I had to work hard and got a long ship with my homework.  

Jawaban 1:

Kalau generic structure, tiap paragraf udah dikasih. Paragraf pertama orientation, kedua series of events, sementara ketiga reorientation, itu. Kalau lexicogrammatical, maaf saya belum mengerti apa itu lexicogrammar

Jawaban 2:

Kayaknya lexico gramaticalnya nggak ada deh. Kalau generic structure aku setuju sm  Jennie.

Soal pilihan berganda exxpresing

Jawaban 1:

- Giving certainty (kepastian) 
A : "Are you sure that she got hit by bus?"
B : "....."

a) What a coincidence!
b) I see...
c) Definitely
d) I'm not certain 
jawabannya C

- Expressing doubt (ketidakpastian)
A : "Are you sure that she got hit by bus?"
B : "...."

a) I doubt it
b) Was she?
c) I feel sorry for her
d) I'm doubt

jawabannya A (karena kalo I'm pakenya doubtful) 

- Expressing admiration
A : " Look at that painting. Michelangelo is such a great artist!
B : "....

a) How beautiful painting it is!
b) What beautiful it is!
c) Pardon me?
d) How beautiful that painting is!

jawabannya D (karena kalau awalan How, pakenya adjective. sedangkan What, pakenya noun phrase)

Cara penggunaan kata sifat pada binatang

Jawaban 1:

Caranya adalah : Subject+To be(is,are)+adjective+object.
untuk penggunaan kata sifat manusia dan hewan adalah sama

Bahasa inggrisnya setrika

Jawaban 1:

Iron ._. kalo ga salah sih

Jawaban 2:


5 kalimat yg berbentuk past perfect tense

Jawaban 1:

1. They had gone before I arrived.
2. After the guests had left, we went to bed.
3. My son had finished dinner by the time I got home.
4. the children had already fallen asleep, when we got home.
5. Putri went to the store because she ran out of food.

Contoh dialogue agreement and disagreement

Jawaban 1:

DialogFarah     : our earth is getting hotter. It’s because of a lot of illegal logging, green house effect, air       Pollution by carbon dioxide, and much more.
Risma    : I agree with you. Then, what should we do? Any idea? 
Farah     : Hmmm…. I think we must do prohibition to use the vehicles or stop factory activities that    damage the river for a while.
Risma    : Umm…I’m not sure I can agree. Your ideas are too excessive. It’s impossible. I think we must do  reforestation along way and cooperate with many people to make it happen.
Farah     : Ah that’s right, I agree completely. But, we have a problem here,
Risma    : What’s that?
Farah     : where we can get the plants?
Risma    : don’t worry. My uncle sells a lot of plant. So, we can buy it.
Farah     : that’s a good idea.

Jawaban 2:

Rena : Hi, did you know that tomorrow is Bella's birthday ?
Lala : Yeah, I knew that, hmm, by the way i wanna make some cakes for her, what should i make ? should i make the strawberry cupcake ?
Rena : I think you shouldn't, cause bella loves chocolate cake more. Maybe you should make it for her.
Lala : What a good idea, but maybe i should put the strawberry cream on it. It'll be delicious.
Rena : I don't think so, maybe you shouldn't, cause it'll be so sweet.
Lala : Oops, you're right.
Rena : Haha.

Sebutkan tugas-tugasnya dalam bahasa inggris dari : penjaga toko
pembawa acara
dokter gigi

Jawaban 1:

secretary duties

  -Verify the location or position of leadership stationery and supplies needed.

- Act as a liaison to forward the information to the relationship.

- Representing one accepts donations to fund other activities or purposes.

- Remind leaders to pay dues or insurance from an agency or institution.

Buatkan  dialog gratitude dan expressing amazemend minimal 5 buah percakapan dalam 1 dialog 2 orang

Jawaban 1:

Expressing gratitude
X : Do you like something to drink?
Y : No, thanks. I have a bottler of mineral water
X : Well. what are yo reading?
Y : This is a novel. my sister's novel
X : what is it about?
Y : It is abaou adventure. i have finished rading it
X : may I borrow it?
Y : sure, you will like it, here you are
X : thank you
Y : you are welcome